Spike Trivet vs Kid Lykos is taking place at Chapter 157


PROGRESS Wrestling presents Chapter 154: It’s Clobberin’ Time on Saturday 26th August and our Men’s PROGRESS World Champion Spike Trivet has promised to get his bloodthirsty hands on Kid Lykos II in a singles match.

Oh, What Horrors Await PROGRESS Wrestling

Kid Lykos chose 24th September at Hungry Like The Wolf as the date to cash in his title shot after winning the 2023 Super Strong Style 16 tournament and in making Spike wait, he has now only further angered the champion.

Trivet stated “You did the worst thing you could have done, you gave The Vulture time. If you’re going to wait then I think I’ll have to start somewhere else… by getting these bloodthirsty hands on Kid Lykos II. Oh my sweet little puppy, you don’t know what horror is… yet.”

With a vengeful, conniving Spike Trivet looking to hurt Kid Lykos by hurting his Lykos Gym teammate at Chapter 154: It’s Clobberin’ Time, does Kid Lykos II have any chance of survival, let alone winning against the man who on Monday 28th August will have been the Men’s PROGRESS World Champion for an entire calendar year?

Spike is fully aware that Kid Lykos II is a tag team specialist and has never won a one on one singles match during his PROGRESS wrestling career so he of course has put himself in a position of power yet again, but rule Kid Lykos II out at your peril.


The Next Best Thing?

Chapter 154 is a great opportunity for Lykos II to set a marker for himself in PROGRESS beyond being a tag team wrestler and beyond being the man in the corner of Kid Lykos. This is his chance to get a monumental victory over the current Men’s PROGRESS World Champion, not just for himself, not just for Kid Lykos, but #forveryone.

Trivet’s ability to manipulate both the physical and mental aspects of a match adds an unpredictable element to every bout he’s a part of, but on the flip side if he is upset and beaten in a match that he himself setup to cause pain and embarrassment to others, what will that do to his own mental state heading into Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf?

As these two fierce competitors collide, expect sparks to fly as contrasting styles and personalities clash in a showdown that embodies the essence of PROGRESS Wrestling. The animosity between Kid Lykos II and Spike Trivet is palpable, and it’s clear that both competitors are willing to push themselves to their limits to emerge victorious.

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Will Kid Lykos II manage to overcome Trivet’s horror filled mind games and secure a statement win? Or will Spike Trivet continue his reign of psychological warfare and leave Kid Lykos II questioning his own abilities? The answers will be unveiled at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 154: It’s Clobberin’ Time.

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