AEW’s Anthony Ogogo Wants To Become PROGRESS Champion

Anthony Ogogo

At PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 154: It’s Clobberin’ Time, AEW’s Anthony Ogogo was the surprise guest referee for the Team Tate Mayfairs vs Team Simon Miller match. We caught up with him backstage to ask him about his return to PROGRESS at the Electric Ballroom the day before AEW All In. You made your return to […]

“He’s a serious fighter” – Anthony Ogogo

Anthony Ogogo marked his return to PROGRESS with a bang as he teamed up with Dan Moloney to secure a Tag Team Knockout Match win over Malik and Kosta Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over… The former Olympian turned wrestling star wowed the crowd at Camden’s Electric Ballroom as he competed in another hotly […]

Colchester manager can’t wait to see Bayo make his PROGRESS debut

The Beast, Adebayo Akinfenwa, had defenders running scared during his football career. Now this Sunday,  he’ll make debut at PROGRESS Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over – and his former Wycombe Wanderers team-mate Matt Bloomfield is excited to see him in action!  Akinfenwa will team up with Olympic medal winner Anthony Ogogo for a hotly-anticipated […]

Malik, Kosta & The 265 OG’s Have Sworn To Get Revenge On Ogogo And Akinfenwa

Malik and Kosta have sworn revenge when they next face Anthony Ogogo and Adebayo Akinfenwa in a tag-team knockout match at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over, at Camden’s Electric Ballroom on November 27th! The fighting talk comes after Malik was defeated by Ogogo at Chapter 145: Wrestling Witch Face in a […]

Anthony Ogogo Can’t Wait To Team With Akinfenwa

The capacity crowd at the Electric Ballroom were promised fireworks when Anthony Ogogo went head-to-head against Malik in a knock-out match at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 145: Wrestling Witch Face, and that is exactly what they got! Ogogo picked up the W after a fierce battle with his long-time rival, with their brawl taking place across […]

Akinfenwa? We Consider This A Declaration Of War!

After PROGRESS announced the news that Bayo Akinfenwa is accompanying ‘The Guv’nor’  Anthony Ogogo to ringside, this Sunday at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 145: Wrestling Witch Face – Trick Or Treat for his Knockout match with ‘The Hitta’ Malik.  Malik and his business partner Kosta Konstantino arrived at the PROGRESS offices to voice their discontent. ‘This isn’t what […]

PROGRESS In The Headlines!

Following on from the earth shattering news that “The Beast” Adebayo Akinfenwa was joining PROGRESS to accompany Anthony ‘The Guv’Nor” Ogogo to ringside in his Knockout match with “The Hitta” Mailk, who will be accompanied by Kosta at Chapter 145: Halloween Witch Face – Trick Or Treat.  The worlds press sat up and took notice, […]

Beast Mode Activated – Bayo Akinfenwa Joins PROGRESS Wrestling

Globally recognised former professional footballer, Adebayo Akinfenwa, will accompany close friend and Olympic medal winner Anthony Ogogo to the ring for his highly anticipated match against Malik at PROGRESS Chapter 145 – Wrestling Witch Face – Trick or Treat? at Camden’s Electric Ballroom on Sunday 23 October. Akinfenwa’s charismatic personality has made him a cult […]