PROGRESS Wrestling returns to Sheffield this Saturday, 10th September at the 02 Academy. Chapter 156: Steal Yourself will be our first time back in the Steel City since August last year where we had AEW star Konosuke Takeshita on the show, proving our commitment to showcasing the future stars today. This coming weekend, we are […]


PROGRESS Wrestling returns to Birmingham this Saturday, 9th September at the 02 Academy. Chapter 155: Feel The Noize will be our first time back in Birmingham since September last year where we had former PROGRESS Tag Team Champions Aussie Open on the card. This coming weekend, we are very excited to bring you a stacked […]

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 156 Preview: Bullit vs Damo

Bullit vs Big Damo at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 156: Steal Yourself

Ahead of PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 156: Steal Yourself event in Sheffield on Sunday, 10th September we spoke to the One Man Armoury, Bullit about his upcoming match against Big Damo. Hear his thoughts on that bout as well as the ongoing feud between Spike Trivet and Kid Lykos in PROGRESS Wrestling. Your match against Big […]


From the PROGRESS Wrestling days of the Peckham era when Cara Noir denied him a chance at the Men’s PROGRESS Championship, to the present day, Spike Trivet‘s journey has been truly dominant. Over the course of two years, a calculated and cunning scheme unfolded, culminating in Trivet securing the Men’s PROGRESS Championship title while leaving […]


Bullitt versus Kid Lykos at PROGRESS Wrestling

Get ready for an explosive showdown at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 154: “It’s Clobberin’ Time” as two wrestlers very involved with the men’s PROGRESS World Champion, Spike Trivet, collide in an epic battle that promises to be one of many highlights of the event. The tension has been building for months between Spike Trivet and Kid […]

BREAKING NEWS: Smokin’ Aces join forces with Spike Trivet At Chapter 149

Spike Trivet, Bullit and the Smoking Aces Celebrate Over a Fallen Tom Dawkins at Chapter 149: Establish your Love

At the conclusion of the PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 149: Establish Your Love main event between Tom Dawkins and Gene Munny versus Spike Trivet and Bullit, The Smokin’ Aces (Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley) came to ringside and helped take out both Munny and Dawkins.  Once Trivet had scored the pin after a package pile-driver, the four of […]

Chapter 149: Establish Your Love – Event Results

Chapter 149 Establish Your Love Logo

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 149: Establish your Love – Event Results Sunday 12th February, O2 Ritz, Manchester   Allie Katch Def. Session Moth Martina Millie McKenzie & Alexis Falcon Def. Nina Samuels & Lizzy Evo Warren Banks Def. Kid Lykos Raven Creed & Dani Luna Def. The Lana Austin Experience (Skye Smitson & LA Taylor) Lucha […]

Why Has Spike Trivet Given Gene Munny A Title Shot?

In the aftermath of Unboxing V: Deal or No Deal? It has been announced that Gene Munny has been granted a title shot by the Sovereign Lord Spike Trivet. As of yet we have not heard from The Vulture of PROGRESS on the reasons why. Spike is not one to shy away from telling the world what’s […]

“The Swan Is Officially Gone… PROGRESS Is MINE!” – Spike Trivet

It was another night of celebration for Spike Trivet as he kept hold of the PROGRESS Championship title belt after beating Jonathan Gresham on Sunday. Spike played up to the crowd at the Electric Ballroom in Camden as he retained his much-converted title in an exciting clash at Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over. […]