Mustafa Ali To Debut In PROGRESS Wrestling


MUSTAFA ALI TO DEBUT IN PROGRESS WRESTLING. PROGRESS Wrestling is thrilled to reveal that former WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali is to debut in PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 162: The Light Of The Dragon on Sunday, 28th January 2024. Mustafa Ali, renowned for his electrifying performances and dynamic wrestling style, has captivated fans worldwide throughout his […]

PROGRESS WRESTLING Investment Secured from International Exchange of North America

PROGRESS Wrestling co-owners, Lee McAteer and Martyn Best have just completed a significant US PROGRESS Wrestling investment from International Exchange of North America (IENA), a global leader in cultural exchange programs to and from the USA. PROGRESS Wrestling US Investment Quotes McAteer said, “Martyn and I have always looked to bring the word professional into […]

Why we are taking PROGRESS to Dubai

PROGRESS Wrestling has always prided itself on being slightly edgy, unconventional and seen as a promotion that does not shirk any challenges. We want PROGRESS to be not only the best professional wrestling promotion it can be but also a platform that can support and empower positive change. Our first show in Dubai, “Sons & Daughters […]