Simon Miller gutted to miss Super Strong Style 16 2023

Simon Miller gutted to miss Super Strong Style 16 2023. Not many fans will object with the fact that Super Strong Style 16 2023 was arguably one of the greatest tournaments PROGRESS Wrestling has ever hosted.   From drama to world class wrestling, and everything in between, whist biased…PROGRESS delivered a five-star performance across three […]

Tate Mayfairs annoyed with how Super Strong Style 16 unfolded

Super Strong Style 16 doesn’t just change the pathway for the winner but can also have a huge impact on those who do not win the annual PROGRESS Wrestling tournament. Tate Mayfairs in particular had everything on the line including a cool £5000 if he didn’t go on to win SSS16.   Tate Mayfairs’ journey […]

Mark Haskins enjoyed his trip down PROGRESS memory lane

Mark Haskins enjoyed his trop down PROGRESS Memory Lane. PROGRESS Wrestling fans were on the edge of their chairs throughout the entire Super Strong Style 16 finale as Kid Lykos battled former PROGRESS Men’s World Champion Mark Haskins to earn the right to be called the 2023 SSS16 tournament winner.  Haskins looked favourite to win his fourth match […]

Day One of Super Strong Style 16 now exclusively on DemandPROGRESS

Super Strong Style 16 Day One is now available exclusively is now on Demand PROGRESS!    It was a fantastic three days of action in the capital, and through Demand PROGRESS, the opening day can to watched.   If you are new to the PROGRESS scene or just want to watch some of your favourite […]

Big Damo knows how to respond from SSS16 disappointment

Big Damo knows how to respond from SSS16 Disappointment… If there is any way to respond emphatically from not winning Super Strong Style 16, then Big Damo is your man!   In 2022, Big Damo was eliminated in the first round of the tournament, and fate struck twice for the former WWE superstar, as he […]

Spike: Kid Lykos is no concern for my title reign

Spike Trivet the PROGRESS Men’s World Champion isn’t fazed by the threat Super Strong Style 16 winner Kid Lykos possesses towards his title.   Spike Trivet, the Sovereign Lord, watched the dramatic final between Kid Lykos and Mark Haskins to discover firsthand who the next competitor would be chasing his beloved championship. “My thoughts and reaction […]

Kid Lykos reacts to winning Super Strong Style 16

Kid Lykos posted a passionate and firm message on his social media channels “It is not just for me, it is for all of us.” on the 14th May. The message was delivered ahead of Super Strong Style 16, and the powerful promo just gave a small insight into what everyone was about to see […]