Raven Creed’s Dilemma

Raven Creed's Dilemma feat. Lana Austin on PROGRESS Wrestling

Ever since Raven Creed faced and lost to Lana Austin in the straight jacket match at Chapter 139: Warriors Come Out To Play, she has had mental issues in facing her again. After returning at Chapter 148: Start Spreading The News… in the PROGRESS signature match, The Thunderbastard. Raven is attempting to face her fears, but […]

Hair Vs. Mask – Mambo on his Hair, Lykos and his Charity

Chuck Mambo has been on the receiving end from the Lykos Gym as of late, which culminated with Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II attacking Mambo after his match in Cardiff and cutting off one of his braids. An enraged Mambo, then issued the challenge at Chapter 145: Wrestling Witch Face to Lykos for a […]