The clock is ticking for Alexxis Falcon and Nina Samuels!

The clock has ticked past more than six months since Alexxis Falcon and former WWE NXT superstar, Nina Samuels started their bitter rivalry at PROGRESS Wrestling.

The pair’s first confrontation was back in October 2022, when Falcon interrupted Samuels after her victory against Taonga in Manchester and ever since then, they have been at each other’s throats.

After months of back and forth, from vicious steel chair attacks to blood baths, Falcon and Samuels will go head-to-head at Super Strong Style 16 in a bid to put an end to their personal war in a Clock Strikes Midnight match?

Now you may be asking yourself, what even is a Clock Strikes Midnight match, well we asked the very person who came up with the idea to explain… Alexxis Falcon..

The Iron Queen, and the self-proclaimed best thing out of Hull since former professional footballer, the iconic, Dean Windass, who has now started to show the world who she truly is, sat down with PROGRESS Wrestling ahead of her grudge match with Samuels and revenge is at the front of her mind.

Question: Alexxis, thank you for joining us. How are you feeling ahead of Super Strong Style 16?

“I’m in two minds. I’ve never felt more confident about walking into this match with Nina Samuels and that’s because I can be my full authentic self.

“I finally have the confidence to do that – at the same time, with this type of match, anything can happen and there’s just no way to prepare for this. One thing is for sure in that I will make my presence and entrance known at Super Strong Style 16.

Question: Super Strong Style always captures the imagination of all PROGRESS Wrestling fans, and your match is no different. What shall we expect from a Clock Strikes Midnight match?

“The Clock Strikes Midnight match is essentially where the stipulation of the match will change at random intervals.

“Nothing has EVER been done like this before, so it’s going to be new to us, and new to the fans at PROGRESS but neither of us will know what the next stipulation will be or when it will change, so it will be very exciting if not a little daunting…

Question: What do you plan to do to Nina Samuels?

“This match for me is going to be all about payback. The last time I faced Nina, I lost my temper and it cost me, but in this match I intend to take all of my anger out on her and not face any consequences for it…

Question: Do you think this will be the final chapter with Nina Samuels and that you can finally move on afterwards?

“I hope so. I think it’s been quite tit for tat with the pair of us to be honest. She’s wound me up and I’ve bitten every time.

“But ultimately, I want this to be the end of it; I was hoping the last time would be the end but here we are. Now things are personal; this is going to be the match that settles the score.

Question: Do you have any final words for Nina Samuels?

All I have to say is… may the best woman win.

Question: Finally, Charles Crowley sends his regards, do you have any response to Charles?

Oh! 👀. It’s no secret that he’s my pick to win the tournament for Super Strong Style 16, so send my regards back 😏

Tickets are still on sale for Super Strong Style 16, which is a three-day event from 27th-29th May. Ticket information and full details are available to view by CLICKING HERE.