Thunderbastard Competitors Key To Success

With the women’s Thunderbastard at Chapter 148: Start Spreading The News… now just days away, we spoke to each of the competitors to get their thoughts and plans on the signature PROGRESS Wrestling match.


“This ThunderBastard is filled with some of the best wrestlers this country has to offer, and for that reason I feel honoured to be apart of it. But this isn’t just a match I’m happy to be in, it’s a match that I have a legacy in. I am the only winner of the Thunderbastard match, and I will be entering, with my whole spirit, to continue to build my legacy.

I have always put my trust in my own hands and I have proven twice before that I am enough. This time is no different. I have a strength that lies deeper than blood and bone, and the world is on my journey to see that.” Kanji


“PROGRESS management are finally seeing how undeniable The Villainess is, I’m a formidable threat to anyone in this division and they all know nobody can rip there opponents apart limb by limb than me, and those that doubt that I’ll show them exactly how much of a threat come January 22nd.

Oh, and Lana has nothing to worry about, I respect her too much to pretend this isn’t a massive opportunity but with that key firmly in the Lana Austin Experience. We have an advantage over everyone who dares to step to Lana. I know the plan and I know my destiny!” Skye Smitson


“Winning the Thunderbastard means I am one step closer to winning the PROGRESS Women’s Championship, and cements my place in the history books for PROGRESS. I’m already there as the winner of the Revelations of a Divine Love tournament, but to be a double tournament winner would be so much sweeter. Also, I believe I would be the ONLY woman to do that.

I’ve changed my mind set for 2023 so the other woman need to be careful.” Rhio


“The last time I set foot in a PROGRESS ring, I was competing for the women’s title.

To me, nothing has changed. I look at this Thunderbastard match and I see five other talented and hungry women. But there is one thing they are not. They are not inevitable.

I promise you, with that key in hand, Lana Austin is on a countdown, it’s only a matter of time until PROGRESS is inevitable.” Dani Luna


“The Thunderbastard is just a great excuse to fight more people in less time, perfect place to put the entire women’s decision on notice.

My strategy is the same as it always is, head down, run as hard as I can and take as many people to Hell with me.” Raven Creed


“The odds are against me in this match, but that doesn’t mean I won’t overcome the impossible.

I’m used to a challenge and I’m sure I’ll come out on top” Millie McKenzie


“I watched Rhio go on and win tournaments, I watched Kanji on and win the PROGRESS title,  I’ve watched Giselle win the title and I watched Lana win the title… It’s my fu*king turn now.

Keys open doors, for some they’ll always remain locked, but for me? This is key will open every door for me. That key’s mine and on Sunday I intend to take it.”  Lizzy Evo


Who do you think will win?  Find out this Sunday at the Electric Ballroom, Camden, when the Thunderbastard takes place at Chapter 148: Start Spreading The News….