Top 10 Wrestling Moustaches of All Time

Top 10 Wrestling Moustaches of All Time

The Top 10 Wrestling Moustaches of All Time: A Hairy Journey Through Wrestling’s Squared Circle to celebrate Movember.

In the rich tapestry of professional wrestling, certain facial hair has transcended mere grooming choices to become iconic symbols of the sport. As we embark on a journey through the annals of wrestling history, we rank the top 10 wrestling moustaches of all time based on their impact, length, quality, and overall influence. From the classic elegance of Trent Seven to the flamboyance of Macho Man Randy Savage, these moustaches have left an indelible mark on the squared circle. To celebrate Movember we look at the top ten wrestling moustaches of all time!

1. Hulk Hogan

When it comes to wrestling moustaches, one name stands head and shoulders above the rest—Hulk Hogan. The blond handlebar moustache is synonymous with the golden era of wrestling. Hogan’s ‘stache, accompanied by his trademark bandana, became a symbol of strength, charisma, and all things “Hulkamania.” Its impact on pop culture and wrestling is immeasurable, securing Hogan’s place at the top of our list.

2. Macho Man Randy Savage

Randy Savage’s flamboyant persona extended to every aspect of his character, including his facial hair. The Macho Man’s carefully coiffed moustache, often paired with his iconic sunglasses and bandana, added an extra layer of theatricality to his in-ring performances. Savage’s unique style and undeniable charisma make his moustache a legendary feature in wrestling history.

3. Trent Seven (Moustache Mountain)

As one-half of Moustache Mountain, Trent Seven brings a touch of classic British charm and Wolverhampton wonder to our list. The former ATLAS champion simply has to make the top 10; Seven’s thick, well-groomed moustache reflects not only his respect for wrestling traditions but also his commitment to a timeless aesthetic. The impact of Seven’s moustache goes beyond the ring, serving as a symbol of old-school wrestling values!

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin

In a list dominated by flamboyance, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s horseshoe moustache stands out for its rugged simplicity. Austin’s rebellious attitude and anti-establishment persona were perfectly complemented by his facial hair. The “Texas Rattlesnake” may not have the longest moustache, but its impact on the “Attitude Era” is undeniable.

5. Vince McMahon

The chairman of WWE himself, Vince McMahon, makes our list for his distinctive moustache he debut after being out in the wilderness. McMahon’s facial hair caused an even bigger stir than his merger with UFC to create TKO. The sheer length and boldness of McMahon’s recent moustache after the merger of WWE and UFC simply mean it has to be a memorable addition to the wrestling facial hair pantheon.

6. Randy Orton

Known for his smooth, calculated approach in the ring, Randy Orton’s well-maintained beard and moustache contribute to his overall polished look. While not as flamboyant as some on this list, Orton’s facial hair has become a recognisable part of his persona, adding a touch of sophistication to his “Viper” character.

7. Ravishing Rick Rude

True to his moniker, Ravishing Rick Rude’s moustache exuded confidence and suaveness. Rude’s carefully groomed facial hair, coupled with his chiselled physique, made him a standout figure in the 1980s wrestling scene. His moustache played a role in establishing Rude as a charismatic and stylish presence in the ring.

8. Dexter Lumis

In the realm of contemporary wrestling, Dexter Lumis brings a mysterious and enigmatic presence to the list. The brooding, tattooed Lumis, with his distinctive moustache, adds an element of intrigue to his character. Lumis’ moustache stands as a testament to the diversity of facial hair styles in the modern era of wrestling.

9. Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode, known for his “Glorious” persona, sports a well-groomed beard and moustache that reflect his commitment to excellence. Roode’s facial hair, much like his in-ring style, exudes a sense of sophistication and confidence. The “Glorious One” carries his moustache with flair, making it a notable feature in today’s wrestling landscape.

10. Tyler Bate (Moustache Mountain)

Completing our list is PROGRESS alumni Tyler Bate, the other half of former PROGRESS Tag-Team Champions, Moustache Mountain. Bate’s sleek, well-defined moustache adds a touch of modern flair to our ranking. While paying homage to traditional wrestling aesthetics, Bate’s facial hair represents the evolution of styles in the contemporary era. Yes we are biased, but this strong boi has a strong moustache game!

In the world of professional wrestling, moustaches are more than just facial hair, they are symbols of identity, style, and character. From the golden era to the modern age, these wrestlers and their moustaches have left an enduring legacy, proving that in the squared circle, every hair matters. With this being Movember lets spread the word that we can help men in times of need and crisis.

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