PROGRESS Wrestling London
Chapter 160 – VENDETTA

PROGRESS Wrestling presents the very first SuperShow with plans of VENDETTA to be an annual event!
You will not want to miss the first event that takes place at the Electric Ballroom, Camden on the 26th November 2023.

Spike Trivet (C) Vs Kid Lykos


Kid Lykos won the 2023 Super Strong Style 16 Tournament & used the opportunity to face Spike Trivet for the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship at Chapter 157 – HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF.
Spike Trivet outraged the Electric Ballroom by retaining the Championship after removing the mask of Kid Lykos and rolling him up to secure the victory.
At THE LONG HALLOWEEN, Kid Lykos interrupted Spike Trivet’s entrance  and a brawl ensued with The Smokin’ Aces and Lykos Gym.
Spike Trivet then stated that Kid Lykos can have a rematch for the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship IF Lykos Gym beat The Smokin’ Aces in a Street fight.
Lykos Gym secured the victory that night and it was determined that the match would take place at VENDETTA in a NO DQ & TITLE VS MASK.

If Spike Trivet wins, he retains the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship AND Kid Lykos has to remove his mask…EVERYWHERE.
If Kid Lykos wins, he keeps the mask and becomes the NEW PROGRESS Men’s World Champion.

SAnitY Vs The Smokin’ Aces and Bullit

SAnitY Vs The Smokin' Aces & Bullit

SAnitY EXCLUSIVELY REUNITE for the first time since they last wrestled together.
The former WWE superstars of Alexander Wolfe (now Axel Tischer), Killian Dain (now Big Damo) and Eric Young will be appearing and you won’t see them together anywhere else.
The team of SAnitY face the PROGRESS World Tag Team Champions, The Smokin’ Aces and Bullit.
Big Damo & Axel Tischer have stated at previous Chapters that they want to claim the PROGRESS World Tag Team Championships.

PROGRESS Women’s World Championship Match
Rhio (C) Vs Lizzy Evo Vs Kanji

PROGRESS Women's World Championship Triple Threat Match

Rhio unlocked her future at THE LONG HALLOWEEN against Lana Austin and became the NEW PROGRESS Women’s World Champion.
Rhio then successfully defended the title against Lana in a rematch at Chapter 159 – WONDERBRAWL.
At the same event, Lizzy Evo and Kanji battled it out to become the No.1 Contender for the PROGRESS Women’s World Championship.
The match ended in a draw.
We saw Lizzy Evo show Kanji disrespect in the past but before Lizzy left the ring at WONDERBRAWL, she spat in the face of Kanji.
The three contenders will now fight it out in a Triple Threat match at VENDETTA.

PROGRESS ATLAS Championship Match
Ricky Knight Jr. (C) Vs Luke Jacobs.

Ricky Knight Jr Vs Luke Jacobs ATLAS CHAMPIONSHIP

Ricky Knight Jr. won the 2022 NPS 8 tournament and used his Championship opportunity against Big Damo to become the NEW PROGRESS ATLAS Champion at Chapter 150 – WHEN THE MAN COMES AROUND.
Ricky Knight Jr. now faces the FORMER ATLAS Champion, Luke Jacobs.
Luke Jacobs won the No.1 Contender match against YOSHIKI INAMURA at Chapter 159 – WONDERBRAWL.
Are we about to see Luke Jacobs become a TWO TIMES PROGRESS ATLAS Champion?
Or will we continue to see Ricky Knight Jr. dominate the division?

Leon Slater Vs Connor Mills

Leon Slater Vs Connor Mills

Leon Slater recently made headlines with his signing of a long term contract with TNA/IMPACT.
Leon is currently one half the SAJ World Tag Team Champion alongside his partner Man Like Dereiss.
Connor Mills RETURNED to PROGRESS Wrestling at SSS16 where he faced the PROGRESS Men’s World Champion in a non-title match on Day 3.
Since his return he faced The Smokin’ Aces with Gene Munny where they claimed the PROGRESS World Tag Team Championships but was quickly revoked due to a technicality.
Leon Slater Vs Connor Mills is going to be an absolute BANGER that you do not want to miss.

Gene Munny Vs Warren Banks

Gene Munny Vs Warren Banks

Warren Banks sadly announced his retirement from Professional Wrestling at THE LONG HALLOWEEN.
Gene Munny interrupted him and stated that there is a world class super star that the World still needs to see.
Gene has told PROGRESS Wrestling that he does not want to be in this match. 
The two have been friends for over a decade and now face each other for the last time.
Don’t miss out on Warren’s last match.

YOICHI Vs Shigehiro Irie

YOICHI Vs Shigehiro Irie

PRO Wrestling NOAH’s Yoshiki Inamura lost to Luke Jacobs at WONDERBRAWL.
Having looked to his past to strengthen his future a new beginning comes…
YOICHI faces Shigehiro Irie in what is going to be a hard hitting match at VENDETTA.