‘Welcome home Will Ospreay’ – Super Strong Style 16 returns to The Dome – Day One Report

‘Welcome home’ – Super Strong Style 16 returns to The Dome – Day One Report


It’s been an exciting first day at PROGRESS Wrestling’s Super Strong Style 16 at The Dome in Tufnell Park, with eight thrilling action-packed matches taking place! 


Super Strong Style 16 returned to the capital across the Bank Holiday weekend, with the first round of matches held on Saturday.


The star-studded line-up came together, with wrestlers who have competed in the UK and around the world all in the running for the same end prize which is an opportunity to win a title match for the PROGRESS men’s World Championship.


Fans were treated to some shocks and surprises throughout the day, as Super Strong Style got underway.


Below, we will provide a review of all the results from day one of the competition.


Match one: Mark Haskins beats Leon Slater


The opening match saw Leon Slater take on a returning Mark Haskins in front of the packed crowd. With chants of support for both competitors delaying the start of the match an intense battle ensued with Haskins winning with a sharpshooter after Slater badly hurt his right knee.


Slater had the support of the crowd despite his defeat, who chanted his name. Haskins moves on in the tournament.


Match Two: Charles Crowley beats Danny Black


PROGRESS favourite Charles Crowley entered wearing a pug mask after he lost his top hat, after the animal lover asked Danny if he could wear his mask. Crowley recently has been obsessed with any competitor who is animal related and needed the inspiration to take on the kid without fear, Danny Black.


Once the action in the ring commenced, Crowley turned on the style in emphatic fashion to start what he hopes will be a journey to a PROGRESS title match.


Match Three: Irie beats Man Like Dereiss


The third match of Super Strong Style 16 came as Shigehiro Irie took on Man Like Dereiss.


Chants of 0121 and Irie went back and forth in the crowd, as the drama in the ring continued.


And Shigehiro Irie, who won the 2023 wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament & became the wXw Unified World Champion, continued his excellent year so far by getting the better of Man Like Dereiss in a brutal encounter that could have truly gone either way. Irie held up his hand pointing to suggest one down with more to come.


Match Four: Luke Jacobs beats Rampage


Luke Jacobs, became the fourth quarter-finalist, when he overcame Rampage with a flying clothesline.


The match was frantic, with Jacobs coming out on top against the first-ever PROGRESS ATLAS Champion, which was the last before a scheduled interval.


However, Rampage remained a firm popular favourite amongst the crowd, who chanted his name throughout the match. Luke Jacobs record of never losing in a PROGRESS tournament continues.


Following on from the interval, current PROGRESS World Champion Spike Trivet “graced us with his presence” before an angry Connor Mills took it upon himself to enter the ring from the audience with a beer in hand to shut up the Sovereign Lord. What could this mean for the Vulture for the remaining few days of #SSS16?


Match Five: Kid Lykos beats Big Damo


When the action returned, there proved to be a real shock as Kid Lykos defeated Big Damo.


In an entertaining match, Lykos kept on going for a brainbuster, as he received a huge reception from the fans in attendance, leaving Damo suffering a shock defeat in his first match.


The result proved to be a moment that PROGRESS fans will not forget, as the crowd went wild. Lykos’s promise of a victory for him at Super Strong Style 16 being for everyone continued into day 2 as he becomes a quarter finalist. Damo after an unbelievable year as an ATLAS and Men’s World Champion will now look back and no doubt regroup.


Match six: Nathan Cruz beats Maggot


Cruz, the first Men’s Champion, came out with the PROGRESS staff ahead of his victory against the son of nothing, Maggot, who was supported by the PROGRESS faithful and the passionate German followers inside The Dome.


Come the end of the fight between the two, Cruz clinched a fantastic victory, as a thrilling day of PROGRESS action hotted up. Cruz is not here to just make up the numbers.


Match seven: Nick Wayne beats Robbie X


AEW’s Nick Wayne became the youngest wrestler ever to compete in the Super Strong Style tournament, and he proved why he is one to watch as he superbly overcame Robbie X.


Nick, one half of the GCW tag-team champions, the East West Express, has met Robbie X in the ring once before, and he would go onto victory in a frantic and pulsating clash between the pair.

In what people are now calling a match of the year candidate, you simply have to watch on demand PROGRESS for yourselves. The King of the Cruiserweights has shown that he is up there with the very best the world has to offer.


Match eight: Will Ospreay beats Tate Mayfairs


The final match of the night saw an enthralling match as a returning Will Ospreay battled it out with Tate Mayfairs in the hotly anticipated Main Event. The crowd erupted into a huge welcome home chant to Will which clearly caused a reaction to an emotional Will Ospreay.


Tate had placed a £5000 bet on himself to win the Super Strong Style tournament, but he faced one of his biggest challenges in the form of Ospreay.


The crowd were treated to a spectacle which lasted over half an hour with Mayfairs showing he really can mix it with the very very best.


In the end, Ospreay proved just too dominant for Mayfairs, who lost the costly bet on himself, but the respect was there as both men touched hands proving they had both been in a battle for the ages.

In an emotional speech afterwards, Will would address the crowd, receiving huge applause and respect.


As day one of Super Strong Style came to an end in North London, it proved to be an amazing start to an exciting Bank Holiday weekend of PROGRESS Day 1.


The next two days of Super Strong Style will take place at The Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Super Strong Style 16 continues and this is now the draw for tomorrow

Kid Lykos Vs Nick Wayne

Mark Haskins Vs Charles Crowley

Nathan Cruz Vs Will Ospreay

Shigehiro Irie Vs Luke Jacobs


Tickets for the final two days of Super Strong Style can be purchased by CLICKING HERE

‘Welcome home Will Ospreay’ – Super Strong Style 16 returns to The Dome – Day One Report