Masato Tanaka debuts and El Hijo Del Dr. Wagner Jr debuts for PROGRESS Wrestling

Masato Tanaka debuts as PROGRESS Wrestling RETURNS to The Dome on Thursday 7th March with DIAMOND DUST. Get to know the Wrestlers who are making their debut at Chapter 165! Masato Tanaka. Masato Tanaka embarked on his wrestling journey in the early 1990s. Initially training under legendary wrestlers such as Atsushi Onita and Katsuyori Shibata, […]

Chapter 165 Preview – DIAMOND DUST


PROGRESS WRESTLING returns to the DOME with the stunning London debut of Japanese and ECW legend, MASATO TANAKA. The Dome is steeped in PROGRESS Wrestling history with previous events such as LIVE! At The Dome that featured the likes of The OJMO, Chris Brookes & Eddie Dennis. PROGRESS Men’s World Championship Match Kid Lykos (C) […]