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Charles Crowley

Charles Crowley - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Originally starting in PROGRESS Wrestling on the commentary table, Charles Crowley was able to show his charisma and wrestling knowledge to fans in the Peckham era outside the ring before they saw him inside it.

He took to Elijah during those early days and acted as a mentor and manager to him. Throughout his stay in Peckham the impish one was a lot more concerned with playing the devil’s advocate and bending the rules.

His alignment with Elijah did actually help the Welshman and his win/loss record improved, but it became clear that whilst Crowley was helpful he did have an ulterior motive – to get in the ring himself.

Soon enough Crowley was tagging with Elijah in Peckham and then eventually when fans returned inside the hallowed Electric Ballroom in Camden. Not only did he get his wish to wrestle, he had made it to major chapter shows.

Soon enough his relationship with Elijah broke down, but he entered the Super Strong Style tournament in 2022, facing NXT superstar Charlie Dempsey in the first round.

What should have been a high, turned into a low as Dempsey, a much respected second generation wrestler and son of William Regal looked down upon his opponent and treated him like a second class wrestler, before toying with him and eliminating him in round one.

On day three of the tournament, he was once again showed disrespect as no one wanted to pick him in the World Cup singles tag team match.

Something had to change and it did… Charles did. He went missing. Charles Crowley missing posters with peculiar clues surrounded PROGRESS Wrestling events and social media and there was a clamour for the return of the spectacular one.

When he did, he had a series of charismatic moments with the equally eccentric Maggot from wXw and soon the fans who were chanting tw*t in a mean way were doing so in an endearing way.

Charles’ charisma and impish behaviour over the years was always entertaining and eventually it won over the PROGRESS Wrestling fans and he is now one of the most loved wrestlers on the roster.

His 2023 Super Strong Style performance was improved as he reached the second round, and he has made it his mission to win gold in PROGRESS. Whether that is on his own or in a tag team remains to be seen, as he is currently embroiled in some bullying from tag team champions the Smokin’ Aces.

Will he be able to find a partner in his long time confidant Alexxis Falcon? It remains to be seen…

The career of Charles Crowley in PROGRESS Wrestling is a testament to the resilience and passion that defines the world of professional wrestling. As he continues to carve his path in the industry, one can’t help but be excited about what the future holds for this charismatic and talented performer.

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Charles Crowley – The Spectacular Twat.

Charles Crowley debuted at PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 120 – TOTAL PROTONIC REVERSALS where he teamed up with Elijah to take on The Young Guns.

When PROGRESS Wrestling returned to live shows in 2022 the Spectacular Twat became an instant fan favourite within the PROGRESS fans.

Notable Matches:

Charles Crowley Vs Charlie Dempsey – Chapter 136 – SUPER STRONG STYLE 16.
Charles Crowley Vs Maggot – Chapter 147 – UNBOXING LIVE V.
Charles Crowley Vs Axel Tischer – Chapter 156 – STEAL YOURSELF
Charles Crowley Vs Blake Christian – Chapter 157 – HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF.

Charles Crowley has recently stated that one day he will be the PROGRESS Men’s World Champion which has crossed the likes of Dominatus Regnum, especially The Smokin’ Aces.

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