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Gene Munny

Gene Munny Render

The Journey

Gene Munny debuted in PROGRESS Wrestling in 2019 when he wrestled in the Natural Progression Series before the very next night competing in the bonkers PROTEUS Title battle royal at Alexandra Palace.

His last appearance in front of fans was the equally crazy reverse battle royal at Unboxing, another showcase for the zany and creative antics Gene brings to a live crowd.

During the Peckham era, Gene was an almost ever present on the shows and despite a lack of a live crowd, his charisma shone through and it was no surprise when they did return he was the first out of the curtain.

His connection with the PROGRESS fans is genuine and heartfelt and a big reason he was entered into the Super Strong Style 16 tournament – where both he and Warren Banks ended the 3 day tournament getting a huge round of applause for their gallant efforts.

He soon found himself wrestling in another insane match – Super Mob Smash XII – a gimmick that by his own admission he hated with every inch of his being.

He would not be deterred though and managed to earn a PROGRESS Men’s World Championship match against Spike Trivet and most recently a Tag Title shot with Connor Mills that ended in a controversial defeat.

PROGRESS fans love that Damn Dirty Dog and we do too. We can’t wait to see what his future holds with us.

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Gene Munny, That Damn Dirty Dog.

After debuting in the Electric Ballroom in a losing effort in the Natural Progression Series, Gene Munny was yet another wrestler to really maximise his Peckham era in PROGRESS Wrestling. His charismatic work on those shows created the #bookgeneforsss16 campaign. He made it but was defeated by the eventual winner Chris Ridgeway.

Notable matches in Gene Munny’s history include:

Gene Munny & Connor Mills vs Smokin’ Aces
Gene Munny vs Matt Cardona
Gene Munny vs Spike Trivet
Gene Munny vs Ricky Shane Page

With Gene Munny already the illustrious Gene Munny Champion of Gene Munny, he will be looking to win PROGRESS gold in his future. He came so close to winning the Tag Championships with Connor Mills… can he finally break his duck soon?

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