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Kid Lykos - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Kid Lykos burst onto the PROGRESS Wrestling scene in 2017, winning the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships with Chris Brookes as CCK beat British Strong Style in their very first match in the promotion. Their rivalries with teams like Grizzled Young Veterans and the Swords of Essex showcased their dedication to entertaining the fans while pushing the boundaries of tag team wrestling.

CCK (Calamari Catch Kings) were a tag team that would redefine the British wrestling landscape with their sick tag teams and community based merch. Their unique blend of technical prowess and comedic antics made them instant crowd favourites and CCK quickly gained attention worldwide.

Just as the world seemed at his feet, Kid Lykos suffered a devastating injury, sidelining him for several months. This setback was a major test of his resilience and determination. Fans eagerly awaited his return, and when he did come back, he showed incredible heart and determination in his quest for redemption.

CCK’s success in PROGRESS opened doors to opportunities on the international stage. Kid Lykos and Chris Brookes ventured to various promotions, including PWG, wXw, and Beyond Wrestling. Their chemistry and charisma transcended borders, solidifying their status as one of the hottest tag teams in independent wrestling.

Sadly after several major shoulder injuries, Kid Lykos announced his retirement from professional wrestling in 2019 due to ongoing health issues. It was a heartbreaking moment for fans who had followed his career. Despite his retirement, the legacy of Kid Lykos and CCK lived on, as they continued to influence the wrestling landscape.

Just when fans thought they had seen the last of Kid Lykos, he made a return to the ring in 2021 in the Peckham era of PROGRESS Wrestling. This time, he had more of an edge and became a comic book villain alongside Kid Lykos II as members of Lykos Gym. This pairing of bratty, mouthy and cocky sh*t wolves was a long way from the Lykos that debuted in 2017.

This tag team was able to get under the skin of their opponents through their actions and antics and gained an upper hand in almost every single match because of it. Kid Lykos would win the PROGRESS Wrestling Tag Team titles again with this new tandem and continued his reign of gaslighting until his mask vs hair match with Chuck Mambo in 2022.

Whilst he won the match and forced Chuck Mambo to lose his hair, there seemed to be no sign of him over-egging what had transpired and the match that followed against his former CCK tag team partner Chris Brookes at Return Of The Fly where he was bloodied and his mask was torn, but he still managed to win the match was the true turning point.

The fans were seeing the real Kid Lykos return, and on Super Strong Style 16 weekend, they cheered him on vehemently as he went through Big Damo, Nick Wayne, Nathan Cruz and Mark Haskins to be crowned the winner of the tournament to a huge pop from the fans and surrounded by celebratory ticker tape.

This led to the showdown with Spike Trivet, which is still unfolding but ultimately boils down to creativity vs cunning and we are yet to see who ultimately comes out on top – although currently Trivet and Dominatus Regnum have the upper hand.

Kid Lykos’s career in PROGRESS Wrestling is a testament to his resilience, creativity, and the enduring bond between wrestlers and their fans. From his early days in CCK to his transformation into a Super Strong Style 16 winner, his journey has been marked by highs and lows, but his passion for creativity in wrestling has always shone through.

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Kid Lykos

With seven years of service to PROGRESS Wrestling behind him, the fans saw a change of heart for Kid Lykos which saw him garner the #foreveryone movement and win the 2023 Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

Notable matches in Kid Lykos’ history include:

Kid Lykos vs Spike Trivet
Kid Lykos vs Chris Brookes
CCK vs Ringkampf
CCK vs British Strong Style

After his successful Super Strong Style 16, Kid Lykos named Chapter 157 as the time to cash in his shot at the Men’s PROGRESS Champion, Spike Trivet. His efforts fell short thanks to the Sovereign Lord ripping Lykos’ mask off and rolling him up. The Lykos Gym member has vowed that this is not over…

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