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Man Like DeReiss

The Journey

In the world of professional wrestling, the name Man Like Dereiss has become synonymous with charisma, athleticism, and a unique style that captured the hearts of fans around Europe.

Man Like Dereiss started his wrestling journey on the gritty streets of the British wrestling scene. Known for his innovative moves and dynamic personality, he quickly gained a reputation as a standout performer. His passion for wrestling was evident from the very beginning, as he honed his craft in local promotions, earning the respect of both fans and fellow wrestlers.

Dereiss’s big break came when he began with PROGRESS Wrestling, a promotion known for nurturing emerging talents. His early matches was nothing short of spectacular, as he became an instant fan favourite. Dereiss’s combination of high-flying acrobatics, technical prowess, and a magnetic stage presence made him a key attraction for PROGRESS Wrestling.

Man Like Dereiss’s journey in PROGRESS Wrestling was not only about entertaining the fans but also about achieving championship glory. He captured the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships with his 0121 counterpart DRILLA Moloney and the crowd’s roar when he held the title aloft for the first time is etched in the annals of the company’s history.

Dereiss’s thrilling matches as part of that tag team scene at the time along with the Smokin’ Aces, Sunshine Machine, Lykos Gym and North West Strong created some of the most compelling in-ring storytelling in the wrestling world.

As Man Like Dereiss continues to perform in PROGRESS Wrestling and other promotions, his legacy grows with each match, includding fantastic championship matches he has had in singles competition.

His unique blend of athleticism, charisma, and in-ring storytelling has left an indelible mark on the wrestling industry. He has inspired a new generation of wrestlers who look up to him as a true role model.

We look forward to seeing more great Man Like DeReiss matches in PROGRESS Wrestling.

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Man Like DeReiss, The Lyrical Dragon.

Like so many of the current roster, Man Like DeReiss burst onto the PROGRESS Wrestling scene during the Peckham Theatre era. Initially brought in to be part of the Natural Progression Series, DeReiss fell to the eventual winner, Luke Jacobs.

Since then he has had over 40 matches in PROGRESS Wrestling, won the Tag Team Championships as part of the 0121 with DRILLA Moloney and competed for singles titles in PROGRESS and other companies on our shows.

Notable matches in Man Like DeReiss’ history include:

Man Like DeReiss vs Spike Trivet
Man Like DeReiss vs Lio Rush
0121 vs Smokin’ Aces
0121 vs Sunshine Machine

Man Like Dereiss has seen his tag team partners go on to worldwide success and it is only a matter of time until the world sees just how talented The Lyrical Dragon is.

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