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Renee Michelle

Renee Michelle - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

In her 10 year wrestling career, Renee Michelle has accomplished many things, from competing in the WWE Mae Young Classic, to winning titles across the world.

She had never stepped foot into a PROGRESS Wrestling ring until earlier this year and already she has shown her star power and in-ring ability to fans and management alike.

Her match with Rhio was very interesting on her debut as she approached the match with a brash confidence, only to find a fighting spirit up against her North West Strong opponent.

The respect shown in that match saw her approach her future PROGRESS Wrestling matches in a completely different manner and her next match the following evening against Session Moth Martina showed off her charismatic, playful side and also saw her pick up her first win in PROGRESS Wrestling.

Renee’s last match with PROGRESS was her fighting as the underdog against the Demolition Woman LA Taylor as well as the Lana Austin Experience surrounding the ring.

Despite the numbers game and the physical disadvantage, she fought hard and fair whilst getting big reactions from the PROGRESS fans who were delighted to see her entrance included her husband Spud’s PROGRESS Wrestling leather jacket.

After that match she told us at PROGRESS Wrestling “My aim is definitely coming back to PROGRESS to win gold! I have a goal now, and I haven’t had one for a long time, and that is to become the Progress Women’s Champion. I am coming for that title!”

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Renee Michelle, Lady of Wrestling

After debuting in PROGRESS at Chapter 155 in her husband Spud’s home town of Birmingham, Renee Michelle has already made a lasting impression on the PROGRESS Wrestling fans.

She had a change of heart almost immediately after stepping through the curtain in PROGRESS Wrestling, and her brash attitude was replaced with a respectful one after her hard-hitting debut against Rhio

Notable matches in Luke Jacobs’ history include:

Renee Michelle vs LA Taylor

Renee Michelle vs Session Moth Martina

Renee Michelle vs Rhio

Renee Michelle has spoken to the PROGRESS Wrestling media team after her last chapter match and let the roster know that she has a goal now… and that is to become PROGRESS Women’s Champion.

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