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Rhio Render

The Journey

Few names have shone as brightly as Rhio in PROGRESS Wrestling. Her journey in the squared circle has been nothing short of spectacular, from her humble beginnings at the Peckham Theatre to becoming one of the promotion’s most beloved and accomplished performers.

She started training at a local wrestling school, displaying natural athleticism and a passion for the sport. In her early matches, Rhio’s enthusiasm and dedication were evident, as she quickly gained the attention of PROGRESS Wrestling.

Rhio made her debut in PROGRESS Wrestling in 2021. She wasted no time in making an impact, winning the Divine Love tournament, proving herself by winning the whole thing, defeating three of the best PROGRESS Wrestling had to offer

As Rhio’s career in PROGRESS Wrestling progressed, so did her in-ring skills. She embarked on a journey that saw her challenging some of the most formidable opponents in the women’s division. Her matches were marked by fierce determination and an unwavering desire to achieve victory. Rhio’s performances against the likes of Trish Adora, Mercedes Blaze, Laura Di Matteo and Kanji were always full of fighting spirit no matter the result.

Rhio’s first taste of championship gold came when she captured the Progress Wrestling Women’s Championship in 2023. This historic victory came after a Thunderbastard win in January was finally unlocked in October against then champion Lana Austin.

Rhio’s journey in PROGRESS Wrestling has just begun and now she sits on top of the mountain, she is dedicating to taking on everyone that comes in her way.

Rhio’s career in Progress Wrestling is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and hard work. Her journey, from a novice wrestler to a champion and beloved figure in the industry, is a story of inspiration and perseverance. As Rhio continues to leave her mark on the wrestling world, her legacy remains a shining example of what can be achieved with a North West Strong mentality.

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Rhio, North West Strong.

After debuting during the Reveleations of Divine Love tournament of 2021, Rhio proved herself by winning the whole thing, defeating three of the best PROGRESS Wrestling had to offer.

Notable matches in Rhio’s history include:

Rhio in the Thunderbastard match
Rhio vs Mercedes Blaze
Rhio vs Trish Adora
Rhio v Gisele Shaw

Rhio is the current PROGRESS Women’s champion after unlocking her opportunity to pin Lana Austin at Chapter 158. She has said she wants to be a champion the PROGRESS Wrestling fans can be proud of and someone they know will handle anything or anyone.