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Session Moth Martina - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Session Moth Martina is an Irish professional wrestler known for her entertaining and comedic persona in the world of wrestling. She is famous for her party-girl gimmick, which involves drinking, dancing, and having fun both inside and outside the wrestling ring. Her unique character and in-ring skills have gained her a considerable fan following.

Session Moth Martina’s history with PROGRESS Wrestling began in 2017 at Chapter 44: Old Man Yells at Cloud, where she participated in the Natural Progression Series IV. The Natural Progression Series is a tournament that features up-and-coming talent competing for a chance to showcase their skills in PROGRESS. This tournament consisted of Toni Storm, Bea Priestley, Chakara, Jinny, Nixon Newell, & Laura Di Matteo.

Martina returned to PROGRESS Wrestling in 2018 at Chapter 65: Have Some Faith in the Sound, where she took part in a fatal four-way match against Charlie Morgan, Chakara, and Millie McKenzie. These matches allowed Session Moth Martina to gain more exposure and demonstrate her unique wrestling style.

In 2019, at Chapter 88: Super Strong Style 16, Session Moth Martina achieved a significant milestone by defeating Jinny and qualifying for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship Fatal Four Way match. The match featured Martina facing off against the PROGRESS Women’s Champion at the time, Jordynne Grace, along with Millie McKenzie and Nina Samuels.

Martina’s journey in PROGRESS continued, and at Chapter 95: Still Chasing, she took part in the PROGRESS Proteus Rumble match, which included various talented wrestlers like Ilja Dragunov, Eddie Kingston, Jonathan Gresham, Chris Brookes, and more. This Rumble match is known for its unique rules, and it allowed her to showcase her skills against a diverse group of competitors.

Aside from her involvement with PROGRESS Wrestling, Session Moth Martina also made appearances in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). She made her AEW debut on March 2, 2022, where she faced Ruby Soho (formerly known as Ruby Riott in WWE). Martina had a total of three matches in AEW before returning to PROGRESS Wrestling.

On March 22, Session Moth Martina had a Women’s Championship opportunity at PROGRESS Wrestling’s “Who Run The World” event, where she faced Gisele Shaw.

Session Moth Martina also made history in 2022 by being the first female wrestling host and the first female Irish wrestler to compete in Dubai. This occurred during PROGRESS Wrestling’s show titled “Sons and Daughters of the Desert.”

On January 23, 2023, Session Moth Martina challenged Lana Austin for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship at Chapter 148 – “Start Spreading The News.”

Throughout her career, Session Moth Martina has left a lasting impact on the wrestling world, becoming known for her charismatic personality, engaging in-ring performances, and ability to entertain audiences with her unique character.

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Session Moth Martina has made PROGRESS & Wrestling History by being the first female wrestler to host a wrestling show in the UAE.

Session Moth Martina is also the first female Irish wrestler to wrestle in Dubai.

Session Moth Martina ranked #82 in the PWI Top Female Wrestler Ratings in 2020.

Notable Matches:

Session Moth Martina Vs Jinny – Chapter 88 – Super Strong Style 16
Session Moth Martina Vs Jordynne Grace Vs Millie McKenzie Vs Nina Samuels – Chapter 88 – Super Strong Style 16
Session Moth Martina Vs Lana Austin – Chapter 148 – Start Spreading The News…

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