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Spike Trivet - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Spike Trivet is a prominent figure in the world of PROGRESS Wrestling, holding the prestigious position of Men’s Progress World Champion. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Trivet is known for his cunning and manipulative nature both inside and outside the ring.

As a wrestler, Trivet combines technical skill with a strategic mindset, often utilizing underhanded tactics to gain an advantage over his opponents. He excels at exploiting his opponents’ weaknesses and employing psychological warfare to disrupt their focus.

Trivet’s in-ring style is characterized by his calculated approach, incorporating a mix of submission holds, strikes, and well-planned attacks. He possesses a keen understanding of ring psychology and possesses the ability to adapt his strategy mid-match.

Spike Trivet embarked on his professional wrestling journey in PROGRESS Wrestling at PTNTL:4, an event held on August 8, 2016. However, he faced defeat in a singles match against Chuck Mambo.

Throughout his tenure in the company, Trivet has participated in several of PROGRESS Wrestling’s notable events chapters. At PROGRESS Chapter 76: Hello Wembley! on September 30, 2018, he competed in a battle royal that was ultimately won by Chuck Mambo. The match also included wrestlers like Chris Ridgeway, Drew Parker, Danny Duggan, Rickey Shane Page, and others.

Trivet became part of the “Do Not Resuscitate” stable and continued his journey within PROGRESS Wrestling. At PROGRESS Chapter 82 on December 30, 2018, he took part in a six-way match featuring Jody Fleisch, Mark Haskins, Shigehiro Irie, and Chris Ridgeway.

At PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 85: Progro.Naut on March 9, 2019, Spike Trivet teamed up with stablemates Chuck Mambo and William Eaver, Trivet achieved victory in a six-man tag team match against Eddie Dennis, Jimmy Havoc, and Mark Haskins

At Chapter 95: Still Chasing on September 15, 2019, Trivet entered a 30-person royal rumble match for the inaugural Progress Proteus Championship, which was won by Paul Robinson. The match involved notable opponents from both genders, including Dan Moloney, Eddie Kingston, Ilja Dragunov, Jonathan Gresham, Session Moth Martina, Mike Bailey, and Millie McKenzie.

Trivet also pursued the PROGRESS Tag Team Championship alongside Chuck Mambo at PROGRESS Chapter 94 on August 25, 2019. However, they were unsuccessful in their attempt to dethrone Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) in a number one contendership match.

A significant feud developed between Trivet and Cara Noir, reaching its climax at PROGRESS Chapter 135 on June 4, 2022, in an intense I Quit match. Trivet emerged victorious, forcing Noir to depart from PROGRESS Wrestling to then only be allowed to return as Tom Dawkins leaving Cara Noir behind.

Trivet transitioned into the world title scene, starting with PROGRESS Chapter 136 on July 24, 2022, where he emerged triumphant in an eight-way Thunderbastard match. The match also featured Axel Tischer, Dan Moloney, Danny Black, Gene Munny, Kid Lykos II, Man Like DeReiss, and Robbie X.

At PROGRESS Chapter 139: Warriors Come Out To Play on August 28, 2022, Trivet successfully cashed in the key and gained his opportunity against Big Damo, who had earlier defended the world title against 0121 and Bullit Club Dan Moloney on the same night. Trivet emerged as the new PROGRESS World Champion, marking a significant milestone in his career.
His feud with Cara Noir would continue after Noir was able to get his alter ego back accumulating until Chapter 151: Heavy Metal in the first steel cage match in PROGRESS Wrestling history.

Beyond his wrestling abilities, Trivet exudes confidence and arrogance, revelling in his role as the Men’s Progress World Champion. His persona is often accompanied by sharp wit and cutting promos, making him a captivating and polarising figure among fans and fellow wrestlers.

As the Men’s Progress World Champion, Spike Trivet carries the responsibility of representing the pinnacle of excellence in PROGRESS Wrestling. His reign is marked by his cunning tactics, relentless drive, and determination to maintain his grip on the championship gold.

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Spike Trivet, the Sovereign Lord, leader of Dominatus Regnum, the Vulture and the most hated wrestler in all of European Wrestling, he is the current Men’s PROGRESS World Champion. Dominatus is made up of Bullit and current PROGRESS Wrestling Tag-Team Champions Nick Riley and Charlie Sterling, also known as the Smokin’ Aces. Notable feuds: Spike Trivet v Cara Noir, Spike Trivet v Dan Moloney, Spike Trivet v Big Damo.

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