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Will Ospreay - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Will Ospreay is a professional wrestler who debuted for PROGRESS Wrestling in 2012. Will Ospreay is widely recognised for his incredible high-flying and acrobatic wrestling style. Will Ospreay’s career took off in 2012 when he made his debut for PROGRESS Wrestling.

Will Ospreay entered the Natural Progression series tournament where he faced Mark Andrews in the opening round match.

Will Ospreay then went on to enter the Super Strong Style tournament in 2015. He had an impressive run in the tournament with a successful victory in the opening round and a triumphant win against Roderick Strong in the semi-final. In the quarter-finals, Ospreay emerged victorious against Mark Haskins. Ultimately, he clinched the tournament victory by defeating Zack Sabre Jr. in the final, showcasing his talent and skill on a grand stage.

Following his success in the tournament, Will Ospreay continued to rise through the ranks in PROGRESS Wrestling. At Chapter 20, Thunderbastard: Beyond Thunderbastard, he had a defining moment by defeating Jimmy Havoc to capture the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship. This victory solidified his position as one of the top stars in the promotion.

Will Ospreay with the PROGRESS Men's World Championship
Will Ospreay wins the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship at Chapter 20, 2015.

One of the notable title defenses during his championship reign was at Chapter 24, titled “Hit the North,” where Ospreay defended the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship in a thrilling triple threat match against Morgan Webster and Zack Gibson.

Throughout his time in PROGRESS Wrestling, Will Ospreay showcased his exceptional athleticism, innovative moves, and natural charisma, making him a fan favorite and a key figure in the promotion’s success.

Throughout his tenure in PROGRESS Wrestling, Will Ospreay engaged in awe-inspiring matches against top talents from around the world. Battles against the likes of Adam Cole, Matt Riddle, and Shane Strickland further solidified his reputation as a wrestling prodigy and a crowd favorite.

Will Ospreay Vs Adam Cole PROGRESS Wrestling
Will Ospreay Vs Adam Cole – PROGRESS Wrestling – Chapter 40 – Intercepted Angel

In PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 82, a new chapter in Will Ospreay’s career was written when he joined forces with Paul Robinson as The Swords of Essex. Together, they defeated Aussie Open to capture the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships, proving that Will Ospreay’s versatility extended beyond singles competition.

As his career reached new heights, Will Ospreay sought new challenges outside of PROGRESS. He wrestled in prominent promotions like All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), where he continued to shine on a global stage.

In 2023, Will Ospreay made a triumphant return, participating once again in the Super Strong Style Tournament.. Although he faced disappointment in the semi-finals, his journey was marked by spectacular matches, such as his victory over Tate Mayfairs in the first round.

Will Ospreay Returns To PROGRESS Wrestling
Will Ospreay returns to PROGRESS Wrestling at Super Strong Style 16, 2023.

On the final day of the Super Strong Style 16 tournament, Will Ospreay reunited with Paul Robinson as The Swords of Essex, alongside Callum Newman, to take on the formidable team of CPF. This reunion exemplified the enduring legacy of Will Ospreay’s connection with the PROGRESS faithful.

Will Ospreay and Paul Robinson (Swords of Essex) with Callum Newman
Will Ospreay and Paul Robinson reunite as the Swords of Essex with Callum Newman. Super Strong Style Day 3, 2023.

As Will Ospreay’s wrestling career continues to evolve, his ability to defy gravity and deliver awe-inspiring performances remains unmatched. His journey is a testament to the passion, skill, and dedication that drives him to reach greater heights in the world of professional wrestling.

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Will Ospreay debuted for PROGRESS Wrestling in 2012. 

Will Ospreay is a former PROGRESS Men’s World Champion & former PROGRESS Tag Team Champion.

Notable Matches:

Will Ospreay Vs Zack Sabre Jr – Chapter 19 – Super Strong Style 16 2015.
Will Ospreay Vs Jimmy Havoc – Chapter 20 – Chapter 20 – THUNDERBASTARD – Beyond THUNDERBASTARD
Will Ospreay Vs Matt Riddle – Chapter 39 – The Graps Of Wrath
Will Ospreay Vs Adam Cole – Chapter 40 – Intercepted Angel
Will Ospreay & Kay Lee Ray Vs Austin Theory & Jinny – Chapter 67 – Bourbon Is Also A Biscuit
The Swords Of Essex Vs Aussie Open – Chapter 82 – UNBOXING Live 3! A Dukla Prague Away Kit



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