Has Nina Samuels silenced Alexxis Falcon for good?

The Nina Samuels show continued in vicious fashion at Unboxing V: Deal or No Deal when the former WWE superstar may have silenced long-time rival, Alexxis Falcon, forever!

The pair faced off in a triple threat match, with Lizzy Evo the third competitor, and it was the LiverBird who scored the victory at the expense of Falcon and Samuels.

However, what happened in the aftermath of the contest at the Electric Ballroom proved to be the talking point, as Falcon delivered a heartfelt message to Samuels in a bid to resolve their ongoing issues.

Their rivalry took a bitter turn, as Samuels rejected Falcon’s hand, and delivered a brutal beatdown by ramming a steel chair into Falcon’s throat, leaving her unable to speak.

Proud of her work, Samuels said: “She wanted to bury the hatchet. Alexxis thought we were going to have a heartfelt moment and I was going to buy that. Alexxis has shown the entire world how much of a sad case she really is, she is stupid to think that this will end here! 

“I genuinely think she believed what she was saying to me. I was not going to indulge that, and she was not going to have the last word in this story. 

“I don’t know what else she has to say now as I have finally silenced her. Her problem is, she never knows when to keep her mouth shut and this all comes back to when she tried to ruin my debut a few months ago. 

“She needed her voice taking away from her, and I have done just that! I have exposed Alexxis and totally embarrassed her. I hope now she hides in her dressing room and never comes back out, because she does not belong here at PROGRESS Wrestling. 

“Alexxis will not be coming back for a very long time! 

“My focus is now on 2023, and the mission is to make sure PROGRESS Wrestling is the Nina Samuels show!” 

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Image Credit Bourne’s Photography