Chapter 141: Lana Austin Experience

Lana Austin Experience Celebrate 365 Days As A Faction

Lana Austin took to social media on the 18h September to self congratulate herself and her Lana Austin Experience stablemates LA Taylor and Skye Smitson on a full calendar year as a stable in PROGRESS Wrestling.

At chapter 141: Handshakes and Cheeseburgers Lana Austin and Skye Smitson were facing then PROGRESS Women’s champion Kanji and her teammate Allie Katch when ‘The Demolition Woman’ LA Taylor appeared and knocked out Kanji, leaving Lana Austin to pick up the pin and hold Kanji’s championship over her lifeless body in a symbolic gesture.

Commentary at the time asked, “Have we just witnessed that Lana Austin has two friends now?” History has proved that she has more than friends in Lana Austin… both have offered her support and inspiration and in many cases a way out of losing matches in PROGRESS Wrestling.

LA Taylor said of her year in the Lana Austin Experience, “I have no words. What a time. What havoc we have yet to wreak. You guys are so lucky to have us.” Skye Smitson added “It’s been 365 days of friendship, laughter and beating people up.” Lana and LA are the most important people in my life, they know when I’m having a bad day and pull me out of it through threats of violence like any true friend.”

Lana Austin has certainly been dominant since the formation of the Lana Austin Experience, after chapter 141 where they announced their arrival to the world she has dethroned Kanji to become the PROGRESS Women’s champion and since then she has not lost a single match, defending the title six times everywhere from Dubai to Tufnell Park.

In fact on the 25th September Lana Austin will have gone a whole calendar year undefeated in PROGRESS Wrestling. The Lana Austin Experience have been a blow away success, and despite their actions at times you have to appreciate the genuine connection they display. However, next up for Lana Austin is a scorned Alexxis Falcon, who has vowed to never challenge for Lana’s championship again if she loses.

Let’s not forget that the Lana Austin Experience has even more backup now, with unofficial member Rob Drake now amonsgt their midst. Will the Lana Austin Experience prove too much for her again just like in Sheffield at Chapter 156: Steal Yourself, or will we finally see a new PROGRESS Women’s champion crowned soon?

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