Mad Kurt Debuts At Unboxing V: Deal Or No Deal

In the opening match at Unboxing V: Deal or No Deal, the first of many surprises was “The Keyboard Warrior & Internet Troll” Mad Kurt making his debut in PROGRESS complete with his keyboard to the delight of the crowd, with a even a member of the audience replete in Mad Kurt Pyjamas was invited to the ring to take his place while Kurt watched on, however the referee, threw her out for brandishing the keyboard and Kurt joined the match with his fellow team mates, Dan Moloney, Luke Jacobs, Man Like Del Boy to face the quartet of CPF (Danny Black, Callum Newman, Joe Lando and Maverick Mayhew.  Unfortunately, Kurt found him self taking the pin to a four way finisher form the CPF boys, but he was still excited to talk to us after match:

“Hello PROGRESS Wrestling, after all these years, Mad Kurt finally arrives at The Electric Ballroom. People might be thinking that they saw me at The Dome in Tufnell Park so many years ago, but they are wrong, as that was not Mad Kurt, that was a little loser who isn’t good at wrestling called Kurtis Chapman.

“But as you saw tonight, I turned up, it was Mad Kurt, I destroyed the close personal friends and I came away with the win, I am undefeated in PROGRESS wrestling. (Mad Kurt actually was pinned for the loss of his team…)

“I might have to go and apologise to the close personal friends as I was hitting them a bit hard, I was lashing out from a place of anger and it’s okay as it got me the win.

“As I’m probably the only member of PROGRESS Wrestling to be undefeated at The Electric Ballroom, what’s probably in store for me is a World Title shot against Spike Trivet or whoever that may be.

“I’m going to be a surprise every time, so make sure that you buy tickets for every show.”

We didn’t have the heart to correct him, but things are certain to get even more wilder at PROGRESS with the addition of Mad Kurt to the roster.

You will be able to watch Unboxing V: Deal Or No Deal on Demand PROGRESS soon, followed by the WWE Network.  So sign up for your free trial today right HERE


Image by Bourne’s Photography