Malik: “There’s a reason they call me The HITTA! I’m coming to knock that prick Paul Robinson out!”

At DEVIL ON YOUR SHOULDER on Sunday, 28th July, Paul Robinson will defend his PROTEUS Title against the man he turned on at Diamond Dust, Malik. Their story goes back five years and if their brawl last month is anything to go by the match will be intense and violent.

We sat down with both Malik and his Don, Kosta Konstantino to discuss the match and their feud with Robbo…

This match came about after some deceitful actions… Detective Kosta you had finally found the PROTEUS Championship… as it was in Robbo’s possession all along. What was your immediate reaction when you uncovered the truth?

To be honest I really didn’t know what to think. Mostly because I didn’t want to believe it. Truth is I probably would have never figured it out if Robbo hadn’t have slipped up. If you remember right after he and Malik got their first win he took the mic from my hand and told me “Forget about the PROTEUS title.”

This coming from a man that would sooner brain a man for looking at his belt wrong much less steal it. As much as I didn’t want to believe it I just couldn’t shake this feeling that something wasn’t right, so I sent the 265 boys out on a job and sure enough the title was hiding in plain sight all along.

Kosta, you were then attacked at Diamond Dust when you confronted him in a heinous attack… are you concerned for your well-being at all come Chapter 169?

He cracked me with a microphone, smashed my head in with a chair, tied Malik up to the ropes and then made him watch as he stomped my head right into the ground. Did I miss anything? The key point there is he tied Malik up so I was left alone in that situation. But on July 28th Malik’s hands will be free and they are gonna be dishing out some heavy receipts. As far as my own well being goes, Robbo might very well be one of the most violent men in the world and if I found myself alone with him I probably would be a bit worried for my health but its not me he should be focusing on. He’s going one on one with The HITTA – not The Don.

Kosta, throughout the time R&M existed, you felt Malik lacked focus. After the interaction between him and Paul Robinson at Super Strong Style 16 weekend, he looks arguably the most focused we have ever seen him. Is he a dangerous man coming into this fight?

Let me break this down clearly. Yes I considered Robbo a friend for a long time as did Malik. But the difference is Malik looked up to Robbo, he respected him and without sounding too corny he pretty much idolised him. So yeah, Malik did become a bit too excited about tagging with his mentor and lost his focus. But the funny thing heading into this match is that you’re right – he is more focused than ever and it’s all thanks to Robbo himself. Kind of ironic right?

Malik, Would you prefer to take Paul Robinson’s PROTEUS title by knockout or submission at Chapter 169?

There’s a reason they call me The HITTA! I’m coming to knock that prick out!

Malik, What will winning your first PROGRESS Championship title mean to you if you beat Paul Robinson and become the PROTEUS Champion?

Well on one hand, its kinda weird cause I didn’t think my first title would involve me knocking out a guy I looked up to. But that little chihuahua made his bed so that’s a him problem now. On a real one though, I debuted for Progress at the NPS 5 years ago and while I’m grateful to have been given the platform I have alongside my brother Kosta, if you’re not in this to win championships then what’s the point? July 28th I finally get to stand in a PROGRESS ring with a title raised above my head and prove to everyone that I am the baddest man in the game!

How do you plan to celebrate if you win the PROTEUS Championship at the Electric Ballroom?

My head is pretty focused on the match so haven’t been thinking about the after party. That’s more The Don’s area. But I did hear him on the phone to my cousin Chabuddy G and it sounds like it’s gonna be lit!

You stated that if you win the PROTEUS Championship you would let the people decide your rules and the fan idea of having a Punjabi Prison has gained traction online. Thoughts?

Yeah, mad innit! Look let’s be real, PROGRESS ain’t gonna go for it. It’ll be like “We can’t afford a Punjabi Prison” “We don’t know anyone with a Punjabi Prison” or  “We can’t fit a Punjabi Prison in the Ballroom.” Cool, sick, fine don’t worry bout it. Big Papa Hitta is your hook up. I know a guy that knows a guy that’s related to the girl that used to babysit the kid brother of Jinder Mahal, so yeah. Done deal innit. Worst case I’ll fly to out and see if Uncle Khali can loan us one.

Lastly, Kosta can people still get hold of the limited edition R&M t-shirts? They must be a collector’s item at this point!

R&M died the moment Robbo turned his back on us… however I’ve got some way better, way sexier and way more original 265 OG t-shirts. Hit me up at merch! Remember cash is king!

PROGRESS Wrestling tickets are available for all future shows via the dice app, including this July’s event DEVIL ON YOUR SHOULDER featuring Kid Lykos vs Luke Jacobs for the Men’s PROGRESS World Championship, BUSSY vs Cheeky Little Buggers, Paul Robinson vs Malik for the PROTEUS Title, Lana Austin & Rob Drake vs LA Taylor & Skye Smitson & the PROGRESS debut of AEW star Danhausen. See you on Sunday, 28th July!

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Malik: “There’s a reason they call me The HITTA! I’m coming to knock that prick Paul Robinson out!”