Nathan Cruz overcame so many odds at SSS16 including Will Ospreay, but was still frustrated in not taking home ultimate prize

Nathan Cruz overcame so many odds at SSS16 including Will Ospreay…

Super Strong Style 16 is talked about as the most prestigious men’s independent wrestling tournament in the World, and for those in attendance across the three days over May Bank Holiday, they saw just why – with wrestlers from around the globe competing in a grueling three-day tournament to be crowned the 2023 Super Strong Style winner.


One of the favourites for this year’s tournament, Nathan Cruz, delivered the type of performance you’d expect from one of the best U.K. wrestlers these shores have ever produced.


The first ever PROGRESS Wrestling Men’s World Champion showed the World why he is so highly thought of, beating non other than the man, who has had more five star matches than anyone else in professional wrestling, Swords of Essex and United Empire’s Will Ospreay.


Cruz also overcame former wXw Shotgun Champion Maggot at Super Strong Style 16, before narrowly missing out on a place in the final, losing a close encounter against eventual winner, Kid Lykos in what could truly have gone either way.


Cruz wound back the clock, not just in the PROGRESS ring, but with his entrance too, walking out with the famous PROGRESS staff, which he proudly won when being crowned the company’s first ever Men’s World Champion.


Ahead of Super Strong Style 16 2023, Cruz told PROGRESS Wrestling he wanted to finish ‘his story’ and win the right to face current Men’s World Champion, Spike Trivet.


Unfortunately, the former champion came up just short, but his performances in all three of his matches showed he has a lot more to offer in the PROGRESS squared circle. One thing is for sure, last weekend’s result hasn’t watered down his motivation for success and he is determined to find a new pathway to the very top at PROGRESS Wrestling.


“It is definitely not the result I wanted,” shouted an angry and determined Cruz moments after his semi-final defeat.


“I needed to win this tournament to validate my return to PROGRESS Wrestling and prove to everybody that I am still one of the best professional wrestlers in the world.


“But this isn’t five years ago, I am not going to walk out this time! Sometimes, you need to let a dark side of your mind take over, and losing Super Strong Style 16 has let the dark side creep in. I have overcome Maggot along with Will Ospreay and nobody else has done that at Super Strong Style 16. For that I have shown I truly am in a league of my own.


“PROGRESS better watch out because Nathan Cruz is now going to take over. This is not the end of my story at PROGRESS Wrestling and I will finish it at the very pinnacle of this company.”

It’s fair to say that he’s already made a huge impact back at PROGRESS Wrestling in returning at Super Strong Style 16. Cruz’s ambition to become PROGRESS Men’s World Champion now burns stronger than ever and after his match with Will Ospreay we know he will go to any lengths to get what he feels belongs to him. The dark side of Cruz has begun to shine and the locker room has well and truly been put on notice.

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Nathan Cruz overcame so many odds at SSS16 including Will Ospreay, but was still frustrated in not taking home ultimate prize