“The Swan Is Officially Gone… PROGRESS Is MINE!” – Spike Trivet

It was another night of celebration for Spike Trivet as he kept hold of the PROGRESS Championship title belt after beating Jonathan Gresham on Sunday.

Spike played up to the crowd at the Electric Ballroom in Camden as he retained his much-converted title in an exciting clash at Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over.

The triumph in the capital means that Spike remains as the man to beat moving on from Chapter 146.

And Spike had a statement for the PROGRESS faithful.

A Gleeful Spike said: “Do you remember me? It is the PROGRESS World Champion, the vulture of British wrestling, your Sovereign Lord Spike Trivet saying “Do you remember me?” and tonight, we are now two for two.

“I walked away as the PROGRESS World Champion after defeating ‘The Octopus’ Jonathan Gresham.

“Bullet is the monster I’ve been telling everybody he is, as he defeated Tom Dawkins in under six minutes, and now the Swan is officially gone, PROGRESS is MINE.” 


Photo Credit Bourne’s Photography

“The Swan Is Officially Gone… PROGRESS Is MINE!” – Spike Trivet