PROGRESS Wrestling: Super Strong Style 16 2024

PROGRESS Wrestling: Super Strong Style 16 2024 – Day 1 Recap

PROGRESS Wrestling: Super Strong Style 16 2024 – Day 1 Recap


If you don’t want spoilers then look away now.


Day 1 of Super Strong Style 16 will hit Demand PROGRESS PLUS on Friday 31st May 5pm UK time.


Date: 26th May 2024

Location: Electric Ballroom

PROGRESS Wrestling’s annual Super Strong Style 16 tournament kicked off with explosive action and intense matchups, setting the stage for an unforgettable bank holiday weekend.


Day 1 delivered on its promise of high-octane wrestling, with each competitor leaving everything in the ring. Here’s a recap of the thrilling matches and shocking moments from the first day of the event.


Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Matches


Tate Mayfairs vs. KC Navarro



Tate Mayfairs has been undefeated in PROGRESS Wrestling since his loss to Will Ospreay at last year’s Super Strong Style, but had a mountain to climb against the blessed KC Navarro who has been picking up championships from all around the world even unveiling his new Blessed Championship.


The words started the night before in an Instagram live session that got hot very quickly making this opening match mean so much more, but after a huge amount of back and forth Tate Mayfairs secured his spot in the quarter-finals by defeating KC Navarro.


Mayfair’s relentless aggression proved a lot for Navarro, but an injury picked up by KC meant that ultimately Tate moved forward in the tournament.


Eddie Dennis vs. TK Cooper


Eddie Dennis for all of his accomplishments has never won Super Strong Style 16. He emerged victorious against Sunshine Machine’s TK Cooper in a hard-hitting bout that even had TK come out to his old Samoan theme tune. Dennis’ experience and strategic in-ring approach gave him the edge, allowing him to advance to the next round.

Kid Lykos II vs. Gene Munny


Since campaigning to be in Super Strong Style 16 we all know how much this tournament means to Gene Munny. After his promos showcasing Lykos II as short and other ribs we knew that the needle between both competitors meant that something had to give.

Kid Lykos II part of Lykos Gym with Kid Lykos showcased his high-flying skills and agility to finally overcome Gene Munny. The match was a display of athleticism and heart, with Lykos II pulling off a stunning victory to a dejected Gene Munny. Who himself did not feel prestigious anymore to the point that he left his Gene Munny Championship in the middle of the ring.


Luke Jacobs vs. Mike D

Luke Jacobs SSS16

Luke Jacobs displayed sheer power and determination, defeating Mike D in a physically demanding contest. Mike D making his Electric Ballrooom debut proved that he belonged in a PROGRESS ring with both Mike and Luke going toe to toe in what was truly a banger.

Mike D Progress wrestling

Jacobs’ strength and resilience in the end ensured his progression to the quarter-finals, but we are certain this will not be the last we see of Mike D in a PROGRESS ring.

RKJ vs. Jack Bandicoot

RKJ super strong style 16
RKJ super strong style 16

As Simon Miller came out to address his injury, Proteus Champion Paul Robinson came out and questioned how badly Simon Miller really wants it – hitting a low blow before being chased out by Malik and Costa.


Originally slated to face Simon Miller, RKJ faced Jack Bandicoot after Miller had to withdraw due to a shoulder injury. RKJ capitalized on the opportunity and delivered a decisive win against the self –proclaimed “Ah Ah Ah” Champion, advancing in the Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

Mike Santana vs. Connor Mills

PROGRESS Wrestling - Mike Santana Vs. Connor Mills

After Diamond Dust, Connor Mills had set his sights firmly on glory at Super Strong Style 16, but what he was not anticipating was a hot, pumped up returning Mike Santana to PROGRESS Wrestling.

In what many fans claimed was the match of Day 1, Connor Mills showed his true grit, but in a match filled with intensity and brutal spots. Santana’s tenacity and experience earned him a well-deserved victory.

Man Like Dereiss vs. Aigle Blanc

PROGRESS Wrestling - Man Like Dereiss Vs. Aigle Blanc

Aigle Blanc making his PROGRESS Wrestling debut has been talked about all over Europe whilst Dereiss has been making waves all over America. 0121’s MLD was pumped up beyond belief and whilst the action packed match could have gone either way it’s fair to say that nothing was going to stop Dereiess’ march to the quarter finals.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Leon Slater

Shelton Benjamin v Leon Slater

In a marquee match for the ages, the Youngest in Charge, Leon Slater got to compete against one of his heroes in Shelton Benjamin. Leon openly admitted to having all of Shelton’s WWE figures and how as a kid he looked up to Shelton as a father figure – someone to aspire to be.

This was one of those matches that you had to simply be there for and no doubt one of those that in years to come you will say “I remember when”.

PROGRESS Wrestling - Leon Slater Vs. Shelton Benjamin

Unbelievable action back and forth with so much respect shown, but it was the former Team Angle member and Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin that moved into the next round.

Fair to say that Shelton Benjamin used his veteran experience to secure the win against the young and talented, some say an alien, Leon Slater.

PROGRESS Men’s World Championship Match

PROGRESS Wrestling - Kid Lykos Vs. Mark Haskins

Kid Lykos vs. Mark Haskins (with Vic Haskins)


The PROGRESS Men’s World Championship match in Haskins eyes wasn’t just for the championship, but for the soul of PROGRESS Wrestling – hating what Lykos represents.

The match was fiercely contested, with both competitors’ entourages getting banned from ringside for some true and bad reasoning with Lykos pulling off his best Eddie Guerrero impressions to get Vic Haskins banned from ringside pushing each other to the limit.

In what was described as one of the best matches in PROGRESS history with either person looking like they would secure victory Haskins pulled off the victory after brainbuster and a swanton bomb.

However, the celebration was cut short as Luke Jacobs, Kid Lykos’ friend launched a brutal assault on Kid Lykos post-match, leaving the champion in total agony and shock. A new Luke Jacobs had arrived and was brutal in his wishes to become a champion that PROGRESS deserved.

Day 1 Aftermath and Day 2 Preview


The outcomes of Day 1 set up intriguing matchups for Day 2 of Super Strong Style 16. The quarter-final matches as follows:

  • Luke Jacobs vs. Kid Lykos II: After his vicious attack, Luke Jacobs will face Lykos Gym stablemate Kid Lykos II, who will be looking for retribution.
  • Eddie Dennis vs. Tate Mayfairs: Undefeated Tate Mayfairs will clash with PROGRESS Wrestling legend Eddie in what Tate promises to be all about business putting their personal relationships aside.
  • RKJ vs. Mike Santana: Banger alert.
  • Man Like Dereiss vs. Shelton Benjamin: Youth versus experience in a battle that could steal the show? This match was destined to be hot! Entrance of the year? You decide.


Additionally, Day 2 features a highly anticipated Fatal Fourway Ladder Match for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship between Rhio, Lizzy Evo, Kanji, and Nina Samuels. Show stealer? Find out for yourself.


Day 1 of Super Strong Style 16 will hit Demand PROGRESS PLUS on Friday 31st May 5pm UK time.