Gisele Shaw

PROGRESS Wrestling Supports And Celebrates Gisele Shaw

PROGRESS Wrestling would like to place on record our support for Gisele Shaw.


Gisele made the decision to go public this week with the fact that she is transgender.

 We look forward to a world where a statement like Gisele’s is no longer ‘news’ and is simply something accepted by all. Until we live in such a society, though, we recognise her considerable courage. For society to reach that point, first there needs to be people who have the bravery to share their story, in order to inspire others. 

 Everyone is welcome in PROGRESS, and we constantly strive to make PROGRESS a place of tolerance, understanding and inclusivity. That goes for our roster, our employees and our fans.

 The most important thing is that, by making this statement, Gisele is happy and content. She is a terrific performer, and more importantly a very lovely person.

 Gisele, who is an Impact Wrestling Knockout and known as the Quintessential Diva, made her PROGRESS debut in July 2019 and has been a valued part of our family ever since. She became champion in August 2021 and held the title with honour until her recent defeat to Kanji, in a magnificent match that enthralled our audience in the Electric Ballroom.

 They gave both women a fabulous reaction after the match as a mark of their appreciation for Gisele and Kanji’s ability in the ring, work ethic and dedication.

 PROGRESS Wrestling co-owners Martyn Best and Lee McAteer, in a joint statement, said: “We are super proud of Gisele and all that she has accomplished in and out of the ring. 

 “Her career in PROGRESS has been remarkable, and we hope she will continue to be the trailblazer we all know she is. 

 “Her most recent championship match with Kanji received an organic standing ovation from the Electric Ballroom on Day Three of Super Strong Style 16. 

 “Inclusiveness and representation are very important values to our entire team, and we support her wholeheartedly.

 “Gisele’s actions will inspire others around the world to be true to themselves.”