Ricky Knight Jr. Wins The NPS 8 Tournament

Ricky Knight Jr. stormed to a victory against Tate Mayfairs to win the NPS Trophy at PROGRESS on Sunday!

RKJ claimed the win in a Natural Progress Series 8 Final match at Camden’s Electric Ballroom during Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over…

And the capacity crowd in the capital witnessed another not-to-be-missed PROGRESS moment as Ricky Knight Jr. triumphed over Mayfairs in an exciting battle in the ring.

But Ricky believes it’s just the start of his PROGRESS success, and he was delighted that he could get the job done by defeating Tate!

He said: “I got the job done. I came here to PROGRESS several months ago and I said I’d prove myself. You go back to my debut, since day one I’ve been here ready, and I’ve just got my first piece of silverware.

“But this silverware, it can’t go around my waist, so you best believe whether it be Spike Trivet, Big Damo or one of my pals or family members who come with me for the tag team titles, in the very near future, Ricky Knight Jr. is going to be announced as a champion, and I got the job done. Ricky Knight Jr. is here in PROGRESS to stay for a very, very long time!

“You have to bow down and your lips have to speak the right words, because Tateness is Greatness, but it wasn’t his night and the Killer King leads onto his next chapter.”