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Rob Van Dam – You Never Know Where He Will Turn Up Next

Rob Van Dam – You Never Know Where He Will Turn Up Next

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Rob Van Dam, the legendary professional wrestler, continues to surprise and delight fans with his unexpected appearances. Recently, on the 200th Episode of AEW Dynamite, RVD made his AEW debut, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The iconic entrance featured Pantera’s song ‘Walk,’ which RVD had used as his entrance music during his time in ECW, adding a nostalgic touch to his comeback.

Rob Van Dam - AEW - WrestleTours - PROGRESS Wrestling

The setup for RVD’s debut involved Jack Perry, who was disrespecting ECW, the promotion where the FTW title originated. The FTW Title, originally created by Taz in ECW, had been brought to AEW a few years ago. During his promo, Jack Perry called out Jerry Lynn, but Lynn, who had retired from in-ring competition due to neck injuries, had a surprise for everyone. He brought his old friend, Rob Van Dam, to the ring.

As Rob Van Dam stepped into the ring, Jack Perry quickly retreated, much to the displeasure of the audience, who showered him with boos. Jerry Lynn and RVD had a heartfelt exchange, but Perry attempted to attack RVD with a steel chair. RVD managed to evade the chair swing and tried to hit his classic spinning kick on Perry, who narrowly escaped.

Rob Van Dam - AEW - WrestleTours - PROGRESS Wrestling

Later in the show, RVD had an interview with Renee Paquette backstage. He revealed that he turned up to address Jack Perry’s trash-talking and talked about his history of elevating championship titles. RVD boldly challenged Jack Perry to an FTW Title match, which was officially confirmed for the following week.

Beyond his AEW debut, Rob Van Dam has been actively engaging with fans through various avenues. At WrestleMania 39, he joined WrestleTours in their luxurious suites, where he interacted with fans, took photos, and created lasting memories while watching night 1 of the grand event.

In addition to his wrestling appearances, RVD has ventured into the world of podcasting with his show titled ‘1 of a kind.’ Fans can listen to it on Spotify, where he likely shares exciting stories from his illustrious career and offers insights into the wrestling world.

One thing remains clear – you never know where Rob Van Dam will turn up next. With his surprise appearances and penchant for making titles feel more important, fans are left eagerly speculating about his future moves. Could we see RVD in the WrestleTour suites for WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia? It’s a tantalizing possibility that has fans buzzing with excitement.

Rob Van Dam - WrestleTours - WrestleMania

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