What is PROGRESS Wrestling Unboxing?


Unboxing PROGRESS Wrestling is one of the most unpredictable nights of wrestling in Europe, but what exactly is it? Let us take you on a trip under the learning tree… PROGRESS Wrestling was created in 2012 and played a huge part in the boom of British wrestling on these shores, with a rabid fanbase forming […]

PROGRESS Wrestling 12-Days of Christmas Giveaway

This festive season we want to reward our loyal fans with 12-days of gifts to make your Christmas extra-special! Our partners have joined us to put together a fabulous bounty of treats over the next twelve days! Join us on our socials as we countdown to Christmas, giving away a different prize every day – […]

SAnitY: “PROGRESS Wrestling was the best place in Europe for our reunion”

SAnitY Reunited

SAnitY made their long awaited return at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 160: VENDETTA last night and we got to talk all things past, present and future with Eric Young, Axel Tischer and Big Damo. Four years in the making, you have finally wrestled again as a trio. After such a long wait, did it make tonight […]

Club PROGRESS 2024 Available Now

PROGRESS Wrestling have today announced a refreshed three tier plan for CLUB PROGRESS which gives fans the opportunity to make their money go further when supporting the company in 2024. Whether you are looking to see PROGRESS Wrestling shows from the front row, in our seating or standing areas we have you covered. All CLUB […]

Happy Thanksgiving from PROGRESS Wrestling

Happy Thanksgiving From PROGRESS Wrestling

As Thanksgiving dawns upon us, the spirit of gratitude fills the air, and PROGRESS Wrestling extends its heartfelt thanks to the incredible fans who have been the backbone of our journey. This Thanksgiving, we reflect on the bountiful support and enthusiasm that has fuelled our passion for professional wrestling. To our dedicated fans, your unwavering […]

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 160 Preview


PROGRESS Wrestling returns to the Electric Ballroom in Camden, this Sunday, 26th November. Chapter 160: VENDETTA will be the inaugural annual super show for PROGRESS and will be main evented by the 10 year career of Kid Lykos culminating with either his first major singles championship win or him being unmasked when he takes on PROGRESS […]

Skillit is performing “Unbreakable” which is produced by Zaheer at PROGRESS Wrestling

Skillit & Zaheer

Warren Banks is retiring from pro wrestling after a seven year career with a match against his trainer and mentor, Gene Munny at the PROGRESS Wrestling Supershow, VENDETTA on Sunday, 26th November at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. Whilst there, Skillit will be performing Zaheer‘s track “Unbreakable” during Warren Banks’ entrance for his last ever […]

Lucha de Apuestas – Spike Trivet vs Kid Lykos

Lucha de Apuestas: Spike Trivet vs Kid Lykos

Professional wrestling is a unique form of entertainment that combines athleticism, storytelling, and theatrics to captivate audiences around the world. One of the most compelling and dramatic aspects of this sport is the tradition of “Lucha de Apuestas,” a Mexican wrestling concept that adds an extra layer of excitement to the already intense world of […]