Tate Mayfairs

Tate Mayfairs: “Simon Miller uses his influence to make people hate me in PROGRESS Wrestling.”

We spoke to Tate Mayfairs after his big win over Yoshiki Inamura at the last chapter to discuss that match, his TNT Extreme Wrestling Championship win, his feud with Simon Miller and his goals in PROGRESS Wrestling.

Tate, congratulations on your win over Yoshiki Inamura at The Long Halloween. That feels like your biggest win in PROGRESS Wrestling to date…

You say congratulations and then you go ahead and insult me like that. Are you kidding me? You understand that I got to the final of the NPS, that I flew out to Dubai and won the Dubai Wrestling Championship on a PROGRESS Wrestling show? I have only lost two times in singles competition this year. Once against Leon Slater, and once against Will Ospreay.

Both of those men had to give everything they had to beat me and I had to deal with Simon Miller mocking me and getting the crowd against me every time. Talking of Simon Miller, I made him tap out to a wristlock. Sure, beating Inamura, one of NOAH’s top prospects is a big win but it’s an insult to call it my biggest win to date.

Tate Mayfairs

We saw you go into your bag of tricks to defeat Simon Miller in September, it was refreshing to see you win clean against Inamura.

What do you mean bag of tricks? I beat him with a wristlock. That’s day one. Wrestling 101. Refreshing? How about I piss in your face, how about that? Refreshing…

LJ Cleary impressed Pro Wrestling NOAH enough with his win over Inamura that they offered him a contract. Are you expecting a phone call after your victory?

I’m happy for LJ Cleary doing so well. I’m also happy for my boy Saxon Huxley too. It goes without saying that if NOAH want to secure a contract with Tate Mayfairs it is the greatest thing they could do. A company as rich and prestigious as Pro Wrestling NOAH would be even greater with me in it. We talk about LJ Cleary, I see he’s hanging around with a good looking group of guys out there… and who is more of a good looking guy than Tate Mayfairs?

November’s London show is called Vendetta… do you have anyone who may have a vendetta against you?

Anyone? The whole world has a vendetta against me. I’ve been dealing with people being jealous of me since day one. It’s just a way of life. This is what happens. When you hate me you expect me to drink the poison and expect me to die. I on the other hand, I don’t think V is for Vendetta, I think V is for victory.

I’m the TNT Extreme Wrestling Champion, I’m the Pro Wrestling Chaos Tag Team Champion, I’m the man responsible for the most ticketed wrestling event in Scandinavian history. V is for victory and Tate Mayfairs is money.

We can’t let you go without congratulating you on becoming the TNT Extreme Wrestling Champion… what are your thoughts on holding that gold?

The first time I am given the opportunity to win a title and I win it in 13 seconds. That’s what I do. I make history. Not just any championship, one that has been held by the likes of Mark Haskins, Dan Moloney and now me. The greatest TNT Extreme Wrestling Champion of all-time. I will make this reign the most memorable of them all.

Lastly, you are now on a roll in PROGRESS Wrestling. Do you have eyes on gold in PROGRESS to add to your TNT success?

You have NEVER given me a title match. It’s embarrassing to have me on the roster and never have given me the opportunity. Other people on the roster get title opportunity after title opportunity without ever proving themselves worthy. This is the point I’m trying to make. It’s a popularity contest. It’s people like Simon Miller who use their influence to make people hate me and it affects me negatively in the business.

I am long overdue PROGRESS Wrestling gold and when it happens you will all bow down and confess that Tateness and Greatness. The very moment I am handed an opportunity to win gold in PROGRESS Wrestling I will and you can all suck my… WOOOHOOO.

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Tate Mayfairs: “Simon Miller uses his influence to make people hate me in PROGRESS Wrestling.”