The Queen of Mean is ready for 2023

The Queen of Mean, Lana Austin, is ruling over the women’s division at PROGRESS Wrestling as we head into our first event of 2023 this coming Sunday at the Electric Ballroom.

We are nearly two months into Lana’s reign as PROGRESS Women’s Champion and the leader of the Lana Austin Experience will put her title on the line against Session Moth Martina at Chapter 148, Start Spreading the News…

There is no love loss between the two, and it is sure to be  be an epic showdown in the English capital city this weekend, with ticket still on sale by CLICKING HERE. 

PROGRESS Wrestling sat down with Lana to discuss her upcoming title defence, the challenge of remaining champion and her thoughts on the Thunderbastard match, also taking place at Start Spreading the News, with her close friend Skye, participating.

Now being the champion, you have a target firmly placed on your back. Is there anyone you worried could challenge you or is there anyone you’d like to face? 

Lana: Lana Austin doesn’t worry about anyone! There is a reason I am the champion and it’s because I’m the best! I will fight anyone and everyone and I will still be your Progress Women’s champion. 

What are your aims for 2023?

Lana: My aims are to keep annoying all the fans, wrestlers, referees and of course Lee McAteer! I will keep working hard but at the same time, have fun! 

How are you finding life now your champion? 

Lana: Life is good! I’m on top of the world. Lana Austin is one of the biggest stars in Progress Wrestling and I earned that.

What do you think of your social media back and forth with Session Moth Martina, your opponent this weekend?

Lana: She annoys me so much and oh my God she was super annoying in Dubai last year. Hopefully when I beat her this weekend, she will just leave me alone! 

The Thunderbastard match will take place at our next event and your close friend Skye is participating, what are your thoughts ahead of that one? 

Lana: It’s cool, when she wins that will be cool too, however she knows what’s best and she knows I’m the best, so I have nothing to worry about  

How much did you enjoy your last match of 2022 and what are your thoughts ahead of the event later this month at the Ballroom?  

Lana: It was lots of fun, I got to sing, and I won my match, and yeah I won by pinning Skye… but like I said above she knows what best.  

Tickets are still available to purchase for Chapter 148, Start Spreading the News… The show begins at 3pm at the Electric Ballroom, Camden on Sunday 22nd January. To purchase, please CLICK HERE.