Akinfenwa? We Consider This A Declaration Of War!

After PROGRESS announced the news that Bayo Akinfenwa is accompanying ‘The Guv’nor’  Anthony Ogogo to ringside, this Sunday at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 145: Wrestling Witch Face – Trick Or Treat for his Knockout match with ‘The Hitta’ Malik.  Malik and his business partner Kosta Konstantino arrived at the PROGRESS offices to voice their discontent.

‘This isn’t what we agreed, this isn’t what we signed up for, let’s be honest PROGRESS management have had it in for Malik and I since days one. The proof is in the pudding and there for everyone to see.  It was meant to be one on one, The Hitta Vs. The Guv’nor. But just what was PROGRESS management doing when they stepped in and said ‘oooo Guv’nor you can bring all your famous friends with you?

What the hell does Akinfenwa have to do with this?  Give me one good reason why Akinfenwa needs to even be involved with this match, involved with PROGRESS at this point?  If you want my candid answer I’m pi*sed off. Right now, Malik, What do you think? I’m at a loss for words currently…

Malik then continued ‘Yeah I think this is bang out of order to be honest, but at the same time Ogogo has been smart with it.  He knows Akinfenwa is one of the biggest guys around, goes around calling himself the beast and that, it’s the only way he gets spared is if he has Akinfenwa in his corner.  He’s never brought anyone with him before, so that tells me one thing, he’s scared.

Costa continued ‘For us as well it’s a courtesy thing.  We’ve done everything by the book, Ogogo said get the contract and I’ll sign it.  We did all that and then guess what, he left it unsigned for ages.  He then goes out crying on his Twitter about this, that and the other, then moans about my friends at my chip shop.  First off, what’s your problem with my chip shop?  What’s wrong with earning an honest living?  Ooo I’m sorry we can’t all make a  honest living out of being a Z list celebrity on shows like Splash.   Well Fu*ing done ANTHONY, go and make your cheese, no one is critiquing that, but, don’t come for me and my family because we earn a honest living during a cost of living crisis.  That’s point number 1.

‘Point number 2, he left that contract unsigned for ages, he knew exactly what he was doing, he knew, he knew if he left unsigned for all that time he could work something out on the sly with PROGRESS and where was the courtesy call?  No one picked up the phone to say Akinfenwa was coming and that it’s a Knockout match?  And where did that come from? A knockout match?  Who’s throwing this at me?  I’m the business side of the partnership, I just make sure I represent my client correctly.  Malik just gets in the ring and does the business. As you can see from his calm exterior, he doesn’t give a sh*t , he will get in there and do what he normally does and beat Anthony on Sunday.  From a business perspective I’m annoyed.

So does it change your strategy now Malik?  ‘It changes his strategy, look at Ogogo, look at everything else he’s done.  He always comes out on his ones.  Why this time does he feel the need to bring Akinfenwa? Why not just his little coach or someone like that? Nah, he’s brought the biggest guy he could find, the guy who has the biggest strength rating on FIFA. It’s because he knows… he knows.  Akinfenwa is simply there to protect Ogogo from me. When I knock him out and continue to smash his face in and the eyes start to roll into the back of his head, that’s when he’s going to look over a cry “Akinfenwa, Akinfenwa” it’s then at that point you will see what this guys there for.  He’s there to save his life, he’s there to throw in the towel for Ogogo, that’s what he’s there for.  He knows it, he knows it deep down, that’s why Kosta feels betrayed and I feel the same way, don’t get it twisted but Kosta has got The Hitta focused.  I’m going in there to finish him, so Akinfenwa is there to save him from me, that’s the only way I see this going.

And if Akinfenwa steps in?  Malik laughed ‘Then that’s Akinfenwa’s funeral… 

Kosta then interjected.  ‘Hold on, hold on, let me cut that one off right there.  Akinfenwa is not going to step in, because this is meant to be a match between two men, well except, now it’s between a real man in Malik and a little bi*ch in Ogogo, who has shown his true colours and the fact he’s a coward.  Turns out he won a F*king Bronze medal for a reason.. Look when that bell rings the world is going to find out what I already know, that the toughest man in PROGRESS, the toughest man in professional wrestling today, Malik will stand with his hand raised, looking down on Ogogo who will be laid out on that canvas, wondering what the hell went wrong.  

‘Im just here to give Malik his focus, for Ogogo to bring Akinfenwa?  We consider this a declaration of war and we will settle this on Sunday.’

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