Simon Miller! Your P45 Is In The Post – Session Moth Martina Presents PROGRESS in Cardiff

It was all change at the Tramshed, Cardiff this past Sunday as Simon Miller was given a well deserved night off by none other than Session Moth Martina, who took control of the mic and announcing duties for one evening only? We caught up with the party queen to find out how the whole experience was for her.

How was Presenting your first PROGRESS Wrestling event?

Do you know what? It was the most terrifying experience of my life! You cannot drink that much when you need to actually read, I found out that I was right about that! Other than that though, I think I did pretty well, I got through it, the crowd enjoyed it. And I did manage to get some people to buy me a beer, so all in all a great night!

Oh, and Simon Miller, I’m so sorry to tell you, but your P45 is in the mail as I think I’ve found my calling in life. I don’t know we could tag team, we could tag team the presenting duties!

When are we likely to see you in a PROGRESS wrestling ring next?

I don’t know, I don’t know, maybe I’ve found my calling, presenting could be for me now, maybe beers are better for me at the bar? Only time will tell. However , I did see that Lana Austin Experience tonight and they definitely need some handling, I’m not sure I’m the one to do it though, I’d rather be at the bar…*laughs*

The experience though overall was fantastic, it was my first time doing it and it’s great to use my character aspect in a different way, y’know, chatting to the crowd, having a bit of a laugh with them as Im always being serious wrestling, wrestling, wrestling, so it was nice to have a buzz with the crowd. That and my body is a lot less sore, my head I don’t know about *laughs*, but the rest of my body it’s all good.

You can see for yourself how Session Moth Martina got on, when PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 144: The Deadly Viper Tour – Codename: Snake Charmer hits Demand PROGRESS, WWE Network and Peacock early next month. Join Demand PROGRESS here

Simon Miller! Your P45 Is In The Post – Session Moth Martina Presents PROGRESS in Cardiff