SSS16 2023 London CHarles Crowley

Crowley: To be the best, you must win Super Strong Style 16!

Charles Crowley: To be the best, you must win Super Strong Style 16!

We’re less than one week away from the start of Super Strong Style 16! Tensions are rising, excitement is building and for one competitor, a dream is soon set to become a reality by becoming the 2023 tournament winner.

One man, or better described, a spectacular t**t, has created many headlines in PROGRESS Wrestling over the past 12 months, and is he about to write another?

Mr Charles Crowley will be one of the 16 vying to win Super Strong Style 16, an event he describes as ‘epic’ and ‘bigger than anything else in British wrestling’.

He will face off against CPF’s Danny Black in what is certain to be a spectacular first round match, with the winner advancing to the quarter finals to go up against the winner of Mark Haskins vs Leon Slater.

The Trickster and self proclaimed God sat down with PROGRESS Wrestling ahead of Super Strong Style 16 and believes no one in the tournament is prepared for what he can deliver inside the squared circle…

Question: Mr Crowley, thank you for your time. We are on the final stretch now with Super Strong Style 16 very close. How are you feeling ahead of this year’s tournament. Confident?

“I mean yeah, of course I am. I am winning matches and I look and feel great. I am confident as hell!

“Somethings are playing on my mind slightly, but I couldn’t tell you what that is. I feel it is a new urge of belief to be honest.”

Question: Super Strong Style 16 provides the perfect opportunity to win a shot at the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship, how much motivation does the prize at the end give you?

“I am motivated, that is for sure. It is a big deal to win the title.

“I see the title has changed people and it becomes about the belt rather than them. I don’t want that.

“I want the belt to be a factor of me. I want to elevate the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship rather than the other way around.”

Question: The other 15 men are all very dangerous opponents. How do you prepare for a tournament which could see you have four gruelling matches inside three days?

“I have faced some of them before and that helps! I get why some of the old guard are here for the nostalgia pop, but I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I am the strongest I have ever been, so I am not worried at all.

“More to the point, no one can ever prepare for the T**t 🤷🏼‍♂️

Question: How good of an event do you feel SSS16 is and what would it mean to you personally to win?

“It’s an epic event and it feels bigger than anything else in British wrestling. If you want to be the very best in the World, never mind the UK, then winning Super Strong Style 16 is a must.

Question: Any thoughts on your first-round opponent, Danny Black?

“Yeah, he is a b*****d.”

Question: Finally, your acquaintance, Alexxis Falcon has a big match at Super Strong Style 16 against Nina Samuels in a Clock Strikes Midnight match. Do you have any comment on this contest?

“Alexxis is a star! I saw it and I got in touch with her, and since then we have become incredibly close.

“She has come out of her shell, and she deserves to flourish now she is truly comfortable in her own skin. I think her match could easily be one of the best of Super Strong Style 16.”One thing is for sure the future of Charles Crowley will be truly spectacular.

Tickets for Super Strong Style 16 are now on sale, and you can purchase yours now by CLICKING HERE.