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The Journey

Falcon’s ascent through the ranks of PROGRESS Wrestling is a testament to her indomitable spirit, unwavering determination, and an unbridled passion for the craft. This retrospective takes a deep dive into the career of Alexxis Falcon, tracing her path from a promising newcomer to a bona fide star.

Alexxis Falcon’s journey in PROGRESS Wrestling began as a promising prospect with a unique blend of technical prowess and high-flying ability. She made her debut during the Peckham era, catching the attention of fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Early on, Falcon showed a remarkable work ethic and eagerness to improve, earning her the respect of the locker room.

Falcon’s ascent through the ranks of PROGRESS was steady and determined. She quickly became a fan favorite with her infectious charisma and breathtaking in-ring style. Her pursuit of championship gold was relentless, and she soon found herself competing for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship.

Every wrestler dreams of their breakout moment, and for Alexxis Falcon, it came in The Dome at the PROGRESS Who Run The World show. Her No Disqualification match with Lana Austin showed her mettle as she fought through a crimson mask and weaponry to defeat her foe.

Throughout her career in PROGRESS, Falcon engaged in memorable rivalries and feuds that captivated fans. Her battles with fellow competitors pushed her limits and showcased her ability to adapt to different styles and opponents. Probably the most iconic of these matchups was her feud with Nina Samuels that saw her reveal her true Disney loving self, but also shed blood, sweat and tears in their epic and innovative Clock Strikes Midnight match. It left an indelible mark on PROGRESS Wrestling history and deserves to be seen on DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS.

Alexxis Falcon’s journey through PROGRESS Wrestling is a testament to the power of determination, passion, and talent. Her rise from a newcomer in an empty Peckham theatre to a potential championship-winning, fan-favourite star is a story as well told as the Disney tales she holds so dear. As she continues to make her mark on the wrestling world, one thing is clear: Alexxis Falcon’s legacy in PROGRESS Wrestling will be forever.

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Alexxis Falcon, the Iron Queen.

After debuting during the Peckham era, Alexxis Falcon soon wowed live crowds with her heart and will to win, including some wild matches such as the Clock Strikes Midnight Match.

Notable matches in Alexxis Falcon’s history include:

Alexxis Falcon vs Nina Samuels
Alexxis Falcon vs Lana Austin
Alexxis Falcon vs Millie McKenzie
Alexxis Falcon v Mercedes Blaze

Alexxis Falcon has put everything on the line against Lana Austin by agreeing to never challenge for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship again if she loses her title shot. After four unsuccessful attempts to win the title in her career, can she win the big one at Chapter 158?

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