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Luke Jacobs

Luke Jacobs - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Luke Jacobs is one of the most talented strong style wrestlers in the world. His size, strength and physicality mean that his matches are brutal to watch but impossible to ignore.

Ever since his Natural Progression Series win in 2021, PROGRESS Wrestling fans have been aware that this North West Strong wrestler is the real deal.

His singles matches are a source of respect through suffering that the likes of Ilja Dragunov and GUNTHER pride their work by and some of his matches are very similar in style and critical acclaim.

His tag matches in PROGRESS Wrestling along with his North West Strong partner Ethan Allen are also fantastic to watch, but sadly due to injury we have not seen many of late.

That injury to Allen has allowed Jacobs to flourish as a singles wrestler and some of his performances in PROGRESS Wrestling have been nothing short of remarkable.

His matches over the weekend where he won the ATLAS title by defeating Big Damo, Warren Banks and JONAH (FKA Bronson Reed) will certainly be his crowning moment so far in PROGRESS Wrestling, but he has so much more to give at such a young age.

Of late he has been helping Kid Lykos in his quest to dethrone Spike Trivet, but we are sure that a run at a championship will be soon on the horizon for Luke Jacobs.

We look forward to seeing more great Luke Jacobs matches in PROGRESS Wrestling.

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Luke Jacobs, North West Strong.

After debuting in PROGRESS in 2019 in a dark match, Luke Jacobs really burst onto the scene in 2021 during the Peckham era winning the Natural Progression series and a title shot for the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship.

Since then he has had over 50 matches in PROGRESS Wrestling, won the ATLAS Championship, got far in Super Strong Style Tournaments and had many memorable, hard hitting matches that get talked about to this day.

Notable matches in Luke Jacobs’ history include:

Luke Jacobs vs Spike Trivet
Luke Jacobs vs Axel Tischer
Luke Jacobs vs Rampage Brown
Alexxis Falcon v Big Damo

Luke Jacobs has won the ATLAS Championship but will have eyes on becoming the PROGRESS Men’s World Champion and PROGRESS Tag Team Champion with his North West Strong partner Ethan Allen.

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