Gene Munny at PROGRESS Wrestling

Gene Munny Discusses the evolution of the Daft Lads Emporium

With Gene Munny’s Daft Lad Emporium just a few weeks away.  PROGRESS Wrestling sat down with the “Damn Dirty Dog” to try and get some insight on where the idea for Gene Munny’s Daft Lads Emporium came from.  The event takes place on 7th March at the Dome, Tufnell Park, London at 7pm.  You can purchase tickets HERE

With familiar PROGRESS wrestling talent involved such as Leon Slater, Warren Banks, Nina Samuels, Dan Moloney & the return of Dean Allmark it’s shaping up to be yet another incredible night of action from PROGRESS Wrestling. Gene Munny started by talking to us about where the idea originally came from.

“Back in February 2020; so three years back, I had an idea for a show called Gene Munny’s Daft Lad Emporium, which was similar to based on stuff I was doing Schadenfreude and Friends in Manchester, as well as the concepts of comedy, I wanted to create a wrestling show where it wasn’t just a match, there was a story running throughout the entire show, which had implications on every single match moving forward.

Gene continued “It’s a one-off piece and it’s there for the die hard wrestling fans but it’s also there for people who have never been to a wrestling show before but are looking for entertainment in a different form. 

“I think there’s a lot in this show that sums up Gene Munny as a character. The wildness and the unexpected nature of everything, this manic big man who is trying to make something creative. 

“It’s an exciting and really different event to anything else happening in wrestling at the moment, and I was genuinely surprised when PROGRESS said yes to running it as it is so un-PROGRESS this event, and it’s not the typical wrestling show.

With the show date coming closer Gene talked more about the pressure of not only being an in ring talent, but having an entire show revolve around his idea.  “I have butterflies in my stomach. The stress is teetering over the excitement level at the moment. There are a lot of surprises on the show, we’ve got debuts from wrestlers who just need to show people how good they are, and we’ve got the Japanese lads who are going to knock each other about, and there’s going to be a legend of this industry and when he comes out, there’s going to be a West Coast pop from the crowd, it will be great.”

Finally, Gene summed the whole event up for us, “If you’re looking for a night out which is funny, action-packed, full of mystery and has seven banging wrestling matches, then this is the show for you.”

Gene Munny’s Daft Lad Emporium takes place on Tuesday 7th March at The Dome, Tufnell Park, London. Get your tickets HERE