Big Damo on PROGRESS Wrestling

Big Damo ready for a fight!

Ricky Knight Junior, RKJ, sent shockwaves through the PROGRESS Wrestling locker room at Chapter 148: Start Spreading The News.

The next generation superstar won the Natural Progression Series 8 late last year, and by doing so received a title opportunity against any champion he desires. Many people expected RKJ to target PROGRESS World Champion, Spike Trivet, however, he has decided to cash in his opportunity to face ATLAS champion, Big Damo, at Chapter 150: When The Man Comes Around.

CLICK HERE to watch RKJ publicly announce his decision to fight Big Damo at Chapter 150 on Demand PROGRESS. 

The title fight is one of many thrilling contests taking place on Sunday 26th February at the Electric Ballroom, but for RKJ the date holds significant importance to him. 

“The reason why I selected the ATLAS Championship over any other title issimply because of Big Damo,” explained RKJ. 

“Damo has been PROGRESS World Champion and is now the current ATLAS title holder. In 2022 he won both belts and there is no better test in PROGRESS Wrestling than to take the ATLAS Championship off Big Damo. 

“He has been all around the country and across the globe competing against the very best, and I can’t wait for the match at Chapter 150. 

“February 26th also marks Ricky Knight Junior’s birthday bash, and I will prove why it should be my name going all around the country and across the World. I will show everyone why Ricky Knight Junior deserves to be the new PROGRESS Wrestling ATLAS Champion.” 

On the other side of the ring at Chapter 150 will be the towering figure of former WWE superstar and SAnitY member Big Damo.

Damo admitted he has been eagerly awaiting for a formidable opponent to step up to challenge him for ATLAS title, and he can’t think of anyone better than Ricky Knight Junior.

“I have been waiting for someone to step up and challenge me,” admitted Big Damo. “I have been begging for someone to try and take this title away from me.

“Ricky has gone out of his way and cashed in his opportunity to try and win the ATLAS title, and I respect his decision. There are not a lot of people who would come and pick a fight with me.

“Ricky Knight Junior is on fire at PROGRESS Wrestling and he knows the bigger challenge is facing me for the ATLAS title rather than going after Spike. 

“I’ve done my best to put the ATLAS division on the map and it is my job to move the championship forwards, but I have been waiting for my next challenge.

“I have the upmost respect for Ricky, his family’s entire history in wrestling, I have even wrestled his dad and his uncle. He has an exciting future ahead, but his time will not come at the expense of Big Damo, and I am ready for a bloody good fight!

“He wants to take the ball, but the only problem is he wants to take the ball from Big Damo and that is going to be a big challenge.”

With so much on the line who will end up with the ATLAS gold?

Tickets for Chapter 150: When The Man Comes Around, are now on sale.

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