Gunther & Matt Riddle Money In the Bank London

Gunther v Matt Riddle – PROGRESS Wrestling Rivalry Reborn at WWE Money in the Bank

On Saturday 1st July, the O2 Arena in London will bear witness to an all-time classic PROGRESS Wrestling rivalry when Matt Riddle and Gunther (Walter) go head-to-head for the Intercontinental Championship at WWE’S Money in the Bank.

Gunther is now recognised as one of the greatest Intercontinental champions of all time and he has held the prestigious WWE title for more than a year.

However, his reign as champion is now in serious jeopardy with Matt Riddle determined to take down his old PROGRESS foe and join the list of some of the very best wrestlers in the world to win the Intercontinental championship.

This is a rivalry for the ages, and one that has been reborn. One thing is for sure, whoever is victorious at the O2 Arena, Riddle vs Gunther will be a contender for match of the night at Money in the Bank in London.

Even though it doesn’t need any more fuel adding to the fire, this isn’t the first time the two have battled it out for championship gold.

In 2017, Riddle and Gunther WWE were embroiled in a tug of war for the ATLAS Championship, the first ever major single’s championship Riddle ever won. The start of their journey began just 10 miles from the O2 Arena at the Electric Ballroom, Chapter 46: I Like To Chill Out Here And Shoot Some Dinosaurs, March 26th 2017.

The second match between the pair took place at Chapter 51: Screaming For PROGRESS at the O2 Academy in Birmingham on the 9th July 2017.

The third and final match as part of their ATLAS Championship trilogy happened on the 10th September 2017 at Chapter 55: Chase The Sun at Alexandra Palace. However, this match was a triple threat and included Timothy Thatcher.

The impending battle between Riddle and Gunther at WWE’s Money in the Bank this Saturday is a testament to the enduring nature of their historic rivalry in PROGRESS.

From their trilogy of matches in PROGRESS to their clash on the global stage, their story is one of redemption, triumph, and a contrast of styles inside the squared circle.

So, to see the real background of these two famous PROGRESS alumni at WWE Money in the Bank watch Riddle and Gunther’s trilogy of PROGRESS matches for the ATLAS Championship.

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Gunther v Matt Riddle – PROGRESS Wrestling Rivalry Reborn at WWE Money in the Bank