Mark Haskins enjoyed his trip down PROGRESS memory lane

Mark Haskins enjoyed his trop down PROGRESS Memory Lane.

PROGRESS Wrestling fans were on the edge of their chairs throughout the entire Super Strong Style 16 finale as Kid Lykos battled former PROGRESS Men’s World Champion Mark Haskins to earn the right to be called the 2023 SSS16 tournament winner. 

Haskins looked favourite to win his fourth match in three days on multiple occasions, but the determination and grit of Lykos proved to be too much, and a dream return to PROGRESS Wrestling wasn’t on the cards for the man who once upon a time defeated current WWE Intercontinental champion, Gunther.

However, the former Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor star can hold his head up high, after scoring impressive wins against Leon Slater, Charles Crowley, and Luke Jacobs to reach the final match.

Speaking after the conclusion of Super Strong Style 16, the 2023 runner up said: “It has been a mad weekend, that is for sure.

“It felt that there was a point in time when I was never going to return to PROGRESS Wrestling because I have been gone for so long. It has been four long years, and a lot has changed, as have I, but one thing remains the same, I am Haskins, and this is PROGRESS!

“The talent in the PROGRESS Wrestling locker room is very good and they are all hungry to succeed and this weekend showed that. It will only be a matter of time before this company reaches new levels of success.

“Every match this weekend I faced somebody new, and it is going to be interesting to see where the landscape lies in the coming months and years.”

Haskins went on to say he thought this year was his time to win Super Strong Style 16, but whilst he didn’t achieve what he set out to do, he loved performing back in front of the PROGRESS crowd.

He continued: “That was the first time I have ever faced Kid Lykos and I can see why he is leading the charge as one of the younger guys coming through at PROGRESS Wrestling. I expected a tough battle, and I got one, I thought this would be my year for sure.

“I have known him for a long time. Who knows now what the future holds, but it was great to be back in front of the PROGRESS crowd and feel their energy again.

“I have certainly missed them, and they have missed me. Everything felt so familiar, but so different. It really was a trip down memory lane.

“PROGRESS Wrestling gave me hope and they established the love of professional wrestling for myself and a lot of people!”

With Haskins now returning to PROGRESS and with a championship shot so close, there can be no doubt that his return will be the beginning of a new chapter at PROGRESS for Mark Haskins.


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