Will Ospreay makes heroic return to PROGRESS Wrestling

PROGRESS Wrestling gave a heartfelt and warm welcome back to the one of if not the best wrestler in the World, Will Ospreay, at Super Strong Style 16 2023.


Ospreay has captivated crowds across the globe with more five star rated matches than any other competitor, and he showed just once again why he is recognised as one of the greatest to ever enter to squared circle at what we believe to be the best tournament in professional wrestling, Super Strong Style 16.


The Assassin, the leader of the United Empire and one half of the Swords of Essex competed in both singles and tag team matches over the course of the three days at Super Strong Style 16, as he made a heroic return to PROGRESS Wrestling.


Will, who made his professional wrestling debut at Chapter Two: The March of PROGRESS, as a teenager, poured his heart out to the PROGRESS crowd on day one at SSS16 2023 and thanked all those in attendance for giving him an excellent reception.


Ospreay, who will be challenging Kenny Omega for the IWGP United States Championship at AEW’s Forbidden Door 2 on June 25th, said: “I started wrestling at PROGRESS when I was 18-years old, and that was the first ever time I stepped foot in a ring.


“The first ever singles match I had was against Mark Andrews in the Electric Ballroom for PROGRESS. As time has gone on, I have made a bunch of mistakes, and all sudden at 22 years of age, I didn’t know how to handle it and I can never apologise enough for that.


“Now I am 30 and I feel everything. A lot has changed, and I think that I need to understand that I have grown up.


“I have not handled that in the best way, and I was intimidated going through the curtain to make my PROGRESS return, so I was thankful for the reception I received.


“I have had to grow up. New Japan Pro Wrestling have put me in a prominent position, and I have got responsibilities and I am giving everything that I have. I will not let PROGRESS down again.


“We have a brand-new locker room now and it was great to see Mark Haskins again. The Electric Ballroom feels like home.


“I will not stop working to make sure I am held accountable and responsible for the PROGRESS fans. I take my leadership very seriously, and I am primed and ready. I have lived by the sword, and I will die by the sword of Essex!”

Lee McAteer co-owner of PROGRESS Wrestling said:

“We are thrilled to welcome back Will to PROGRESS. The fact that everyday at Super Strong Style 16 the fans chanted welcome home to him loudly and proudly shows how much he means to everyone at PROGRESS. He is very much one of our own.

We are so proud of everything Will Ospreay has and continues to accomplish around the world. We can’t wait to welcome him back personally as an individual or as part of the Swords of Essex to PROGRESS in the not so distant future.”


To see Will Ospreay make his return to PROGRESS Wrestling on Day 1 of Super Strong Style 16 against Tate Mayfairs you can see it on demand PROGRESS on Saturday 10th June from 5pm. The rest of Super Strong Style 16 featuring Swords of Essex and CPF will be uploaded over the next two weeks.

Tickets for our next event on Saturday 26th August at the Electric Ballroom are now on sale and you can purchase yours by CLICKING HERE. 

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