Haskins: I am ready for Super Strong Style 16!

Super Strong Style 16 2023 will welcome another former PROGRESS World Champion, this time in the shape of fans’ favourite, Mark Haskins!

Haskins has performed for multiple brands during an illustrious career, including Ring of Honour and Impact Wrestling.

A former TNT Extreme Wrestling champion, Haskins has the experience and ring knowledge to be a serious threat to the PROGRESS locker room and win the famous Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

Haskins has battled some of the biggest names in the wrestling world in a PROGRESS ring, including a victory over current WWE superstar, Matt Riddle, Walter (now known as Gunther, WWE Intercontinental Champion) and Pete Dunne, (now referred to as Butch).

Speaking exclusively to PROGRESS, Haskins discussed numerous topics including how he plans to win SSS16 and his thoughts on our current champion, Spike Trivet…

Question: Mark, welcome back! How are you feeling ahead of Super Strong Style 16?

“Wow, well first, I am super excited! I can’t believe it has been so long and quite a lot has changed for both me and PROGRESS Wrestling.

“I am very eager to come back and see where the landscape currently lies with the current roster.

“I have a great history with PROGRESS Wrestling, more than 2,500 fans watched me become their champion. Unfortunately, my title reign was short-lived due to issues with my neck.

“It broke my heart as I had been chasing the title for such a long time. I never regained my title, and it still hurts that I never won the belt back. I deserved a longer reign, and it has always played on my mind, so I have a real focus now I am back in PROGRESS Wrestling.

Question: Is there anyone you’d like to face in your first match back in PROGRESS?

“No, not at all. I don’t care who I must wrestle. Please PROGRESS give me the easiest opponent so I can start Super Strong Style 16 with a quick victory.

Question: How do you prepare for a tournament such as Super Strong Style 16?

“Super Strong Style 16 tournaments are always packed with talented wrestlers, it is a hell of a weekend to be part of whether you are performing or watching.

“I am 16 years deep in this game now, so I have seen the young and hungry, those in their prime and the experienced professionals.

“We will all need endurance, but I will do the same thing that I have been doing for years, whether that is running four miles every four hours over a 48-hour period, or just general training in the gym.

“I am ready. I have upped my game and Super Strong Style 16 is a weekend where all the best talent in the World will be bringing their A game, and I will certainly be bringing mine too.”

Question: Finally, any thoughts on our current Champ, Spike Trivet?

Spike, Spike, Spike, where to start? It is just Spike Trivet isn’t it? He is a backstabbing, back-handed individual, and it is very interesting indeed he is the PROGRESS World Champion…

“It bothers a lot of people that he is champion because of the way he conducts himself!”

Tickets are still on sale for Super Strong Style 16.

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