NPS 8: The Finalists – Ricky Knight Jr.

With the PROGRESS Wrestling SUPERSHOW Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over… fast approaching, we caught up with both finalists Ricky Knight Jr. and Tate Mayfairs.  We asked them various questions about the final and their opponent.  What we got back can be found below.
RKJ Vs Tate in the final.  What are your thoughts?
I’m though to the final against Tate.  Now Tate, he claims that “Tateness Is Greatness”, but the Knight is perfection. So me and Tate when we get in that ring , November, NPS 8 Final, your going to witness something special.  This is a message to Tate, because Tate you’ve never been in a ring with anyone like me before, you’ve never been hit as hard as I hit, you’ve never hit anyone so hard that when they do, they stare at you straight in the face and ask for more.  So Tate, if you claim that Tateness Is Greatness, then my brother, you better bring that!
Talk about the NPS 8 final and what it would mean to win?
The NPS Series means a lot to me, I’m here in PROGRESS, I had prove myself everywhere else.  That doesn’t change here. Ricky Knight Jr. is here in PROGRESS, I’m here to prove myself and someday be a world heavyweight champion.
What did you think of Leon Slater?
Now Leon Slater, he is going to be someone very special, one of the best wrestlers to ever come from this country.  But tonight it wasn’t his night.  Maybe next year he’ll go back in it and he will win it, but tonight was my night and I take another step, another rung on the ladder to claim my dream.

What’s your dream for PROGRESS?
My dreams here in PROGRESS to claim what I believe i can become here and that is the PROGRESS World Heavyweight Champion. I claim that I’ll get the first 5 stars of the new era in PROGRESS Wrestling and this is just the next step for Ricky Knight Jr.
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