NPS 8: The Finalists – Tate Mayfairs

With the PROGRESS Wrestling SUPERSHOW Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over… fast approaching, we caught up with both finalists Ricky Knight Jr. and Tate Mayfairs.  We asked them various questions about the final and their opponent.  What we got back can be found below.
RKJ Vs Tate in the final.  What are your thoughts?
I WILL WIN! Doesn’t matter if people like that outcome or not… I said it will happen and so it will be. Everything I’ve said so far has come true. Learn to love it! Tate’ness Is Greatness!
Talk about the NPS 8 final and what it would mean to win?
First of all it’s called the “NPS T8” because I run it, I am it and the ultimate winner of it. Fact! To win it ? In my heart I already have. When the people see my hand raised and RKJ spread out like star fish, sleeping on the canvas, I get to say “In Your Face; I Told You So!” …and there’s few better feelings than that.
Your thoughts on RKJ and his comments on your boxing?
So far, I’ve K.O’d everyone with my ‘Hand of God’. It only takes one right hand from me in our match and it’s all over… Ricky said “Don’t think it will take one right hand fella I’ve seen you box” …He likes to think he’s different, he’s been told he’s special, maybe he is… but Tate’ness Is Greatness and my Hand of God is superior to all men. He may have seen me box, but has he felt it? …Ironically on November 27th he won’t see it coming, but he will feel it.
What did you think of Nico Angelo?
I beat him! Knocked him out cold! He’s the same as all these other wrestlers… he carries himself with a sense of entitlement and surrounds himself with fans that feed the false narrative. Truthfully, he and everyone else is inferior to Tate Mayfairs. That’s not really a knock, after all, I Am The Greatest Professional Wrestler To Ever Walk Planet Earth.

What’s your dream for PROGRESS?
PROGRESS Wrestling is already the biggest and most important Independent Wrestling company in Europe, it is recognised as one of the highest platforms for independent wrestling in the world and has been for over a decade now. I don’t speak about “dreams”, things either happen or don’t, and that’s down to the vision, intention and work we as individuals and collectives put in. PROGRESS Wrestling has the potential to become a fully fledged international touring brand and the clear cut Worldwide Number 1 Independent Wrestling Company… but that will only happen once I am holding the World Championship… because Tate’ness Is Greatness ~ Oohooo!
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