QT Marshall debuts in PROGRESS Wrestling & defends his AAA Latin American Championship

QT Marshall debuts in PROGRESS Wrestling on AEW All In weekend

On AEW All In weekend, AEW star QT Marshall surprised everyone when he debuted for PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 154: It’s Clobberin’ Time. The man from the Monster Factory caused a huge eruption of noise as his music hit and he stepped through the curtain to defend his AAA Latin American Championship against Chuck Mambo. We spoke with him after the show about his experience with PROGRESS Wrestling and his thoughts on AEW All In.

You’ve just defended your AAA Latin American Championship at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 154: It’s Clobberin’ Time against Chuck Mambo. What brought you to PROGRESS Wrestling?

I said it and I meant it. I was going to be a defending champion and to be a champion in a major promotion like AAA means the world to me, whether the fans like it or not, so to defend it as much as I possibly can and prove that I’m one of the best wrestlers in the world is why I’m here. PROGRESS Wrestling has some of the best wrestlers in the world, definitely some of the best in the UK. I am out here for AEW All In and wanted to make a surprise appearance. Chuck Mambo is pretty good, man. He’s not on QT Marshall’s level, but he took the fight to me. At the end of the day I defended the title again, just like I said I would.

Did you the enjoy big surprise pop you got at the Electric Ballroom from the PROGRESS Wrestling fans?

I did. I love getting the big pop for being an AEW wrestler and showing up unannounced only for the realisation to really sink in about who I am and what I’m about and feel the fans disappointment to see me and that’s what we got – a pop right away and then f*ck it’s QT. I got exactly what I wanted. To come to the UK and defend my AAA Latin American Championship. I came to the show and started watching and thought OK, there is no one on QT’s level. I told the fans that when I went out there and they didn’t like it but hey, the truth hurts.

You’ve previously talked about Rey Fenix not being a fighting AAA Latin American Champion in your opinion. To prove you are one, will we see you back in PROGRESS Wrestling soon?

I think so. PROGRESS management realise what a star I am and what the rub of having QT on the event can do for PROGRESS Wrestling. There’s a lot that can be said for that and there’s a good chance I’ll be back. I’m extremely busy but I intend on defending all over the world. After the performance I had against Chuck Mambo it will only be in PROGRESS Wrestling’s interest to bring me back – but it’s going to cost them a lot more money next time.

You faced former PROGRESS Tag Team Champion Chuck Mambo at Chapter 154 and his Sunshine Machine partner TK Cooper had some words to say to you before the bell. Is that something you want to exact your revenge on?

No, I feel like if I’ve already beat Chuck Mambo there is no point in beating TK Cooper. AAA is all about luchadors and Chuck flew around the ring like one for a tall guy, I was impressed. There were some other wrestlers here on this show that took my eye and one of them maybe will be my next victim.

We can’t let you go on All In weekend without mentioning the Wembley Stadium show. Tell us what it means to you as an AEW wrestler to be part of this weekend…

It’s crazy. It’s wild. It’s a testament to the UK wrestling fans that AEW All In exists. Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks started something amazing. The vision that they had was a movement that was created in wrestling. It’s a historic weekend – which is why I thought it was only fitting that I come to PROGRESS Wrestling and add a little extra to that history.

See QT Marshall defend his AAA Latin American Championship when Chapter 154 is uploaded onto DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS.