Roll Up, Roll Up: Charles Crowley To Enter Super Strong Style 16 Tournament

With Mr Charles Crowley, it is so easy to fall for the misdirection.

A self-confessed trickster and vagabond, the calculating Crowley draws attention to his outfits, his dialogue and the theatrical touches to his performance. However, the focus on this side of him means occasionally people sleep on his wrestling ability. And it is plentiful.

Crowley has been entered into the 2022 Super Strong Style 16 tournament which takes place at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, North London, with the winner claiming the vacant PROGRESS World Championship.

Underestimate Crowley at your peril. His overall PROGRESS record reads: seven matches, three wins. However, those three wins have come in his three singles encounters, meaning in solo competition, he is undefeated.

In October, at Chapter 123, he submitted LK Mezinger, then at Chapter 126 worked against his protégé ELIJAH, and demonstrated his in-ring nous with a clever cradle victory. His most recent PROGRESS appearance was at Chapter 131 defeating Danny Black, after Black went aerial and Crowley caught him in another devastating submission.

Super Strong Style 16 will take place from 3rd-5th June. Round one, on Jubilee Bank Holiday Friday, 3rd June, will feature every wrestler in the first-round bracket, with the quarter-finals on Saturday, and the semi-finals and final on Sunday. The winner of the gruelling tournament, winning four matches in three days, will be the new PROGRESS World Champion.

Having won three singles matches, Crowley will need to win four more in three days to win the title. It seems a tall order for a competitor still so young into his career, but if anyone takes their eye off him, or the proverbial ball, he will capitalise. The longer this tournament goes on, the more fatigued opponents get, the more dangerous Crowley becomes.

SSS16 will also feature Kanji v Gisele Shaw for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship; Luke Jacobs v Axel Tischer for the Atlas title; a gravity-defying triple ladder match for the Tag Team Championship involving The 0121, Smokin’ Aces and Sunshine Machine; and the I Quit Match between Cara Noir and Spike Trivet that will end in one of them leaving the company.

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Roll Up, Roll Up: Charles Crowley To Enter Super Strong Style 16 Tournament