Simon Miller gutted to miss Super Strong Style 16 2023

Simon Miller gutted to miss Super Strong Style 16 2023.

Not many fans will object with the fact that Super Strong Style 16 2023 was arguably one of the greatest tournaments PROGRESS Wrestling has ever hosted.


From drama to world class wrestling, and everything in between, whist biased…PROGRESS delivered a five-star performance across three memorable days in London for Super Strong Style 16. As Nigel McGuinness said this is the “WrestleMania of Independent Wrestling”.


However, one notable absentee from this year’s tournament was our popular host, Simon Miller.


Simon had prior commitments and was unable to attend the show, much to his disappointment but he still had a strong presence at the show.


On day three of Super Strong Style 16 at the Electric Ballroom, Simon had his own match planned, an Ups and Downs Battle Royale, with ten male wrestlers taking part with the winner the last man standing who hadn’t been thrown over the rope with ANY body part touching the floor. The winner receiving a warm and fuzzy feeling in his tummy.


The winner was Rampage Brown, eliminating Tate Mayfairs to claim the win, a result which delighted Miller.


Q: Simon, we missed you at SSS16! How gutted were you to miss the show?


“So gutted. Super Strong Style is always the high point for PROGRESS Wrestling as it almost works as a jumping off point for the rest of the year so to not be a part of that was a shame.

Q: Did you check the results as soon as the tournament was over? Also, any thoughts on Kid Lykos winning SSS16?


“I was keeping up with the results! I was genuinely intrigued to see who was going to come out on top especially with the lineup this year. You could’ve made an argument for every entrant.


“I thought Kid Lykos winning was cool, though. Talk about someone who has had to come back from adversity so to hit a new high, that just rocks.


“It also sums up the year he’s had because he’s been having great matches throughout and that absolute classic with Chris Brooks that felt like the end of an era.


“I can only imagine Lykos will use this as a reason to aim even higher as well. He’s got all the momentum.


Q: Your Ups and Downs Battle Royale certainly lived up to expectations, please can you explain how you came up with the idea?


“Goofiness! Essentially PROGRESS Wrestling and I were discussing what we could do for the usual ‘fun’ match at the start of day 3, and as I do Up those Downs for What Culture we thought well, why don’t we just do that?


“It works, too, as a Battle Royale does ask the participants to lift their opponents up before putting them down, so I think by that stage there was no going back.


“I was just hugely flattered to even be asked to do this. Not many people can say they’ve had a match named after them and hopefully it can become an annual thing. I’m sure we can come up with a worthy prize for the winner down the line as well. Get everyone interested!”


Q: Your close friend, a certain Tate Mayfairs, nearly won the Battle Royale. Are you happy he didn’t win, as I am sure you wouldn’t have heard the end of it if he had…


“Well let me just say that despite being the worst person on the planet, I’m aware that Tate is a top wrestler. You don’t get to where he has without talent and he’s going to do great things.


“The problem is and he will always try to pull a fast one, often someone’s tights as he hits the most devastating move in all of sports entertainment, the surprise roll up.


“So, even if he had won, I wouldn’t have been shocked. He’s got what it takes. At the same time, I’m glad he didn’t and hope he loses every single match for the rest of time. And that he goes bald. Bald Mayfairs. That’ll show him…”


Q: Are you excited to make your return to PROGRESS soon?


“Absolutely. I feel privileged that I get to host the shows and almost serve as “the face” of PROGRESS Wrestling. It is another tick box I didn’t think I’d get to check.


“I also like to think me, and the audience have a lot of fun throughout the shows. I mean it’s utterly ridiculous, but this is my major goal.


“Also, once I am back you just never know what’s going to happen. My in-ring goals haven’t changed… ”


Q: Finally, a word on Kirsty Bosley too, who did a great job standing in for you as host for Super Strong Style 16.


“She smashed it which was no real surprise. I’m sure if she has to step in again, she’ll do the same. Kirsty is top and knows what she is doing.


“We could even do a tag team hosting job one day. Although now I’ve said that out loud it sounds weird. Don’t even know how it would work.”

With an ever burning feud with Tate Mayfairs still happening and our joint show with Defy here before you know it, we can’t wait to welcome back Simon Miller for our next London show at the AEW weekend for ALL IN.

Tickets for our next event on Saturday 26th August at the Electric Ballroom are now on sale and you can purchase yours by CLICKING HERE.